Egypt Police Detain Muslim In Murder Of Christian

By Worthy News Staff

Worthy News)-- Egyptian police have detained a Muslim man who allegedly killed a Coptic Christian and seriously injured two other Copts in two different villages, north of the capital Cairo, Christians said Wednesday September 23.


Christians face trial for criticising Islam 

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang 





The Christian Institute is backing a new and significant religious liberty case.

A Christian couple from Liverpool are being prosecuted for a criminal offence because they defended their faith and criticised Islam.

Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs

New York Times

 Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times
Pigs were the champion garbage consumers in Cairo. Goats just don't seem up to the task.


CAIRO — It is unlikely anyone has ever come to this city and commented on how clean the streets are. But this litter-strewn metropolis is now wrestling with a garbage problem so severe it has managed to incite its weary residents and command the attention of the president

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Bishop of Rochester to aid persecuted Christians in Islamic world


Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who is about to retire as the Bishop of Rochester, is to set up a charity to work with persecuted Christians in the Islamic world.

Dr Nazir-Ali, who will leave next week a few days after his 60th birthday, says that he has paid a heavy price for standing up for Christian values and has been stung by criticism of some of his controversial statements — but that he has no regrets.

Indonesian Smugglers 'Hid Heroin In Koran'

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A man and his mother-in-law have been arrested for attempting to smuggle thousands of pounds worth of heroin concealed within a copy of the Koran.


The Koran

Heroin bags were found hidden in the pages of the Koran

Egyptian Coptic Christians Protest for Human Rights, Equality, as President Obama Meets Mubarak


Washington DC: August 19, 2009. (Jeffery Imm, REAL report) Egyptian Coptic leaders included Voice of the Copts' president Dr. Ashraf Ramelah and National American Coptic Assembly's Morris Sadek, representatives of the American Coptic Union, and other Egyptian Coptic leaders representing the Coptic American organizations around the country. Responsible for Equality And Liberty's Jeffrey Imm and other human rights supporters also joined this protest. The August 18 protest near the White House followed an August 17, 2009 press conference by Coptic leaders at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Rotterdam fires Tariq Ramadan over Iranian TV show


By Mark Hoogstad













The Rotterdam city government wants to break ties with the Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan, sources at city hall say.

Ramadan (46) has been an adviser on integration for the city of Rotterdam for two years. Recently, he has come under criticism because he hosts a weekly talk show on the Iranian TV station PressTV, which is financed by the Tehran regime.

French minister calls for full ban on burka: report

French minister Fadela Amara, speaks to journalists

LONDON — A ban on wearing the all covering burka in France would stem the spread of what French minister Fadela Amara called the "cancer" of radical Islam, a report quoted her as saying Saturday.


Tears of joy

The Fawzy brothers, after 14 months of unjustified detention, are finally back home  

By-Tereza Kamal

“Let us give thanks to the Maker of all good things…”

Letter to President Obama on Religious Liberty in Egypt Prior to Meeting with President Mubarak



The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

Coptics prepare for Washington demonstration

Coptics prepare for Washington demonstration

By: A staff reporter.

Coptic Christians are preparing for peaceful mass demonstration in Washington as the Egyptian President makes a state visit to the USA.  

Egyptian MP, Mostafa El Fiky, Threatens Coptic journalist with Lawsuit and Calls her a Traitor

Dear friends and colleagues: below is my blog on an interesting encounter with Dr. Mostafa El Fiky, head of the foreign affairs committee of the Egyptian parliament, who is currently visiting Washington DC.  I welcome your feedback. 

Feel free to circulate.

Mostafa El Fiky—Fraudulently Elected MP Tells Coptic Community in Washington He Wouldn’t “Mind” a Coptic Prime Minister (no such luck for a Coptic president) & Accuses me of Being a Traitor (apparently still sore over his dishonorable mention in the WP)

Princess facing Saudi death penalty given secret UK asylum

Woman feared she would be stoned after giving birth to an illegitimate child in Britain

The Independent

Saudi Arabia, ruled by King Abdullah, is home to about 30,000 Britons   
Saudi Arabia, ruled by King Abdullah, is home to about 30,000 Britons


A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has secretly been granted asylum in this country after she claimed she would face the death penalty if she were forced to return home. The young woman, who has been granted anonymity by the courts, won her claim for refugee status after telling a judge that her adulterous affair made her liable to death by stoning.

Egyptian jailed for insult poem

British Broadcasting Corporation 

President Hosni Mubarak at a news conference on 7 July 2009 

There will be an appeal against the verdict of insulting the president

A civil servant in Egypt has been jailed for three years for insulting President Hosni Mubarak in a poem, according to newspaper reports.

Moneer Said Hanna's family said he wrote satirical poetry for fun, to entertain his work colleagues, and never meant to hurt anyone.

Persecuted Church Weblog

Iran holding two young women in prison because they're Christians


The two Iranian Christian women, Maryam Rustampoor (27) and Marzieh Amirizadeh (30) continue to be held in Evin prison in Iran because of their Christian faith, unfairly labeled as ‘anti-government activists’, because of the hostility of the government towards practising Christians.


But twins will keep father’s Muslim identity in their records, creating future problems.

A Christian mother in Egypt has won custody of her twin sons from her estranged husband, who had converted to Islam and claimed them according to Islamic legal precepts.

 Sarkozy speaks out against burka

British Broadcasting Corporation

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Mr Sarkozy was speaking at a special session of parliament in Versailles

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken out strongly against the wearing of the burka by Muslim women in France.

In a major policy speech, he said the burka - a garment covering women from head to toe - reduced them to servitude and undermined their dignity.

Egypt passes quota law for women MPs


Egypt's parliament has passed a law allocating a quota of 64 seats in the lower house to women, in what a minister said on Monday was aimed at promoting their role in society.

The new law adopted on Sunday will give women more than 12 percent of the seats in an expanded parliament after the next election due in 2010, Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Mufid Shehab said.

Pakistan: Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea From a Muslim Cup

International Christian Concern

WASHINGTON -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that radical Muslims running a tea stall beat a Christian man to death for using a cup designated for Muslims on May 9. The young man, Ishtiaq Masih, had ordered tea at a roadside stall in Machharkay village, Punjab, Pakistan, after his bus stopped to allow passengers to relieve themselves.

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Maher Al-Gohari was refused his request to convert to Christianity on his ID card 

United Copts GB

maher ahmed 

The disappointing verdict by the High Administrative Court in Cairo today has dealt a severe blow to Freedom of Religion to Muslims who would like to come out of Islam and convert to Christianity in a country who persistently and relentlessly claims to be secular and apply “civil Laws”. 

The judge Hamdi Yaseen rejected Maher Ahmed Al-Mo’tasem Bellah Al-Gohari application to change his religious affiliation from Muslim to Christian on his ID card; the verdict was based on the Islamic Sharia which prohibits conversion of Muslims to any other religion and “disruption to Public order”.

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