On the 7th of January 2019, in the village of Manshiet Zafrana, Minya governorate, a mob of Muslims incited by hate speeches from mosques after Friday Muslim Prayers objecting to Christians to pray in private in house (a frequent events in Egypt specially in el-Minya governorate) surrounded the House Church and demanded its closure.


Similar event happened in another House church in Kafr El-Mansora, Minya, again it was closed and sealed by Police in December 2018. 


The mob in the village of Manshiet Zafrana demanding closing the House Church shouting abuse and insults towards Christians and the priest, see videos below.


Manshiet Zafrana village there is about 1000 Christians, no Coptic church in the village, and the nearest church is about 5 km.


On 11 January 2019, again, a mob surrounded the House of Prayers, shouting insults and abuse towards Christians and blocked the place, police came and evicted the priest, closed the house of worship to appease the fanatic Muslims, the video shows public cerebration, joy, street dancing for the closure of the "house church"


Copts in Egypt face not just facing systemic state persecution/ discrimination, usually from the middle/ lower ranking officials specially in Minya, but also societal persecution after years of hate speeches and hate sermons spread from some mosques, specially by gradates from Al-Azhar and their books, tapes and cassettes.


What makes matter worse is the police collusion, forcing an non official reconciliation meeting between the beleaguered victims and belligerents ending in favor of Muslims fanatics, Christians would be compelled to give up their rights, occasionally they are forced to pay sums of money and the case does not to court.


This police impunity gives green light for acts of hate of Christians to continue.

مسيحيو الشرق: الواقع والطموحات

برنامج «أبعاد» مع الإعلامي محمد قواص، إذ أن الحضور المسيحي في الشرق الأوسط، هو حضور أساسي وجزء من حضارة الدول والبلدان العربية، لكن هذا الحضور يثير

أسئلة كثيرة حول هموم المسيحيين، وما تعرض له المسيحيون من اعتداءات مباشرة أو دفع إلى التهجير وأسئلة عن مستقبلهم في هذه الدول،

د رأفت جندى سكرتير أقباط متحدون المملكة المتحدة فى النقاش


مدحت قلادة يقدم شكوى رسمية للفيفا بسبب عنصرية اتحاد الكرة المصري

حياة الابطال

حصة قراءه - "د.سعد الدين الهلالي" : يجب حذف مادة دين الدولة هو الاسلام من الدستور

المهازل التى حدثت بالأمم المتحده فى جنيف . كلمه للدكتور وجيه رؤوف


BBC Radio 4 coverage 

of HG Bishop Angaelos enthronment as

first Bishop of new Coptic Orthodox Diocese of London

برنامح اقباط مصر يفتح ملف غلق الكنائس مع أ . مدحت قلادة و الأب غبريال جورج


Trump calls out Pakistan for harboring terrorists

بالورقة والقلم | الديهي لمحافظ المنيا: "سيب المسحيين يصلو"

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