Why It’s So Hard to Win
by Victor Davis Hanson
The American (
Sept-Oct 2007)

Is it five or ten or fifteen — years that are necessary to win wars of counterinsurgency such as Iraq? By now, Americans are well acquainted with such warnings that patience — along with political and economic reforms, not just arms — defeats guerrillas.

Muslim Brotherhood Facade in USA 

Jihadist threat

Washington Times 

The international Sunni jihadist group Muslim Brotherhood set up numerous U.S. front groups since the 1990s that should be regarded as hostile and a threat to the United States, a Pentagon Joint Staff analyst said.

Stephen Caughlin, a lawyer and military intelligence specialist on the Joint Staff, stated in a Sept. 7 memorandum that many U.S. Muslim groups viewed as moderate by the Justice Department and other government agencies secretly are linked to the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Qaida and its allies: a worldwide threat

IISS survey highlights grim challenges to global security - terrorism, shortages, nuclear bombs and war

Thursday September 13, 2007
The Guardian


The IISS survey claims al-Qaida is resurgent and capable of "carrying out large-scale attacks in the western world". It also points out that the organisation has acquired a string of affiliates in Iraq, northern Africa and elsewhere prepared to carry out attacks to further Osama bin Laden's objectives. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq has provided both a recruiting tool for al-Qaida and a "crucible" for producing "hardened jihadists", the IISS argues.

America's Crash Course On Islam

by Daniel Pipes , New York Sun

How goes the "war on terror"? One would think that the absence of a successful dramatic terrorist operation against Westerners since the London bombings in July 2005 would be heartening. But an atmosphere of gloom predominates. A recent much-publicized Foreign Policy magazine poll of 108 American specialists, myself included, found merely 6% who agreed that "The United States is winning the war on terror." A whopping 84% disagreed.

Happy Coptic New Year 1724  

 Ishaq Ibrahim

On Tuesday the Egyptian Church celebrates the Coptic New Year 1724 Anno Martyrus, or year of the martyrs. The Coptic calendar is the ancient Egyptian one of twelve 30-day months plus a "small" five-day month—six-day in a leap year.

Times Online
A movement fostered by the fear of ‘imperial’ rule

Andrew Norfolk  

The conviction that British values pose a deadly threat to Islam has been nurtured by Deobandis since the movement’s birth in 19th century India.

The first madrassa, founded in 1867 in Deoband, 90 miles (145km) north of Delhi, was established as an act of Sunni Muslim defiance against imperial oppression. Ten years earlier its leaders had taken part in the Indian Mutiny against British rule.

Christians in the Land of the Nile

By: Sandra Boulos
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Talking about Egypt, the pyramids, the Red Sea coral reefs, and the treasures left by the pharaohs come to mind. But very little is known about its Copts, the Christians of the land of the Nile that constitute a distinct and ancient minority that miraculously survived centuries of hardships living among the Moslem majority.

Tens of thousands susceptible to radical Islam


THE HAGUE  – An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people in the Netherlands could possibly be influenced by ideas of Salafism, a radical and ultra orthodox ideology in Islam. There are approximately 2,500 ‘potential activists’.

 AMANPOUR’S POOR JUDGMENT ~ CNN’s shoddy journalism


Christiane Amanpour
Host of CNN’s God’s Warriors

By: Roz Rothstein, International Director of StandWithUs
Roberta P. Seid, PhD, Education/Research Director of StandWithUs

It would not be out of line to express concern that Christiane Amanpour’s purpose in making her CNN special, “God’s Holy Warriors,” was to float a theory about a Jewish conspiracy in the U.S. and to float innuendoes with anti-Semitic undertones.

Please respond to this misleading article by e.mail to Bill Zlatos  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Local educators learn about Islam on trip to Egypt

By Bill Zlatos
Monday, September 3, 2007

"The idea is most Americans don't know much about Islam except what you see in the headlines, which is all violence and oppression of women," said Rebecca Denova, visiting lecturer in religious studies at the University of Pittsburgh. "The purpose of the program is we need to teach more about Islam, starting in high school and in colleges."


Bashing the Muslim Brothers

Aug 30th 2007 | CAIRO
Egypt's rulers are giving their Islamist compatriots an even worse time than usual

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Hegazi case: Islam’s obsession with conversions

by Samir Khalil Samir, sj
The case of Mohammad Hegazi, young Egyptian converted to Christianity, who wishes to be legally recognized as such, has opened a new debate in the Islamic world on conversions, which are often seen as acts of apostasy that merit death. What has emerged is a veritable obsession in Islam for personal conversions, this religion having been reduced more to an ethnic and sociological submission.

Amanpour's Apologia



Global Jihad: CNN's chief apologist for Islam, Christiane Amanpour, has gone too far this time. Not content to just whitewash jihad, she says Jews and Christians are terrorists, too.

According to her new three-part series, "God's Warriors," militant Islamists are really no different than right-wing Christians or Jews. So who are we in the West to judge?

Congress Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide 


By Andrew G. Bostom


A combination of official diplomatic correspondence, and private memoirs -- most notably the diaries of Henry Morgenthau, the U.S. ambassador to Turkey from 1913 to 1916, an extended report by American consul Leslie Davis in Harput, Turkey, from 1915 to 1917, and the recently published United States Official Records on the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1917 -- provides lucid

Egypt's choice
By Nir Boms and Michael Meunier

  Washington Times   

The freedom to believe may be considered a sacred right in some parts of the world - but not in others. Which is why Mohammed Hegazy, 24, and his wife made history in the Arab world when they became the first known Muslims to file a lawsuit against Egypt for refusing to legally recognize their conversion to Christianity.

Barbarians kill as West drifts


There comes a point at which diminishing returns on most issues begin to go negative.

Such a point in denouncing Islamist terrorism and equally the Muslim majority's silence against this menace was reached sometime ago.

Which Islam? Whose Islam?

 All Muslims Own the Interpretation of the Koran (Part I of 3)
M. Zuhdi Jasser


Radical interpretation of the Koran is caused by 19th century Wahhabi fundamentalist radicalism and 20th century political Islam. In this series, FSM Contributing Editor M. Zuhdi Jasser urges modern, peaceful Muslims to interpret the Koran themselves in order to break away from this radicalism.

(Part I of 3)

world magazine 

United Copts GB interview re. Adel Fawzi, Peter Ezzat and Mohamad Hegazi  

Arrests and accusations

Egypt: A once protected—and ancient—Christian community in Egypt faces new threats | Jill Nelson

Jerusalem Arabs from Cairo, Hossam Abu Talib :
Increased demands for the application of apostasy Ali Mohammed Hijazi, a convert from Islam to Christianity in different parts of cities and villages, despite the fact that the d.

Warning to West on 'evil of Islam' 

 The Australian 

THE West was still underestimating the evil of Islam, an influential Muslim thinker has warned.

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