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High-Profile Convert Jailed for 'Inciting Strife'

Pray that God will protect Mohammed,
as well as his wife and children.

Mohammed Hegazy, a well-known Christian campaigner for religious liberty, has been detained in Egypt for allegedly inciting "sectarian strife." Sources are concerned that the 31-year-old believer may be enduring torture in prison.

Mohammed (now widely known by his Christian name, Bishoy Armia Boulous), was arrested on the morning of December 4th at a café in Minya, Upper Egypt. Security forces claim he had been working for a Christian satellite TV channel and contributing to a "false image" that there is violence being perpetrated against Christians in Minya.

Meriam Ibrahim Released from Custody after Attempt to Leave Sudan
Elements within government attempting to charge mother of two with 'fraudulent' travel documents.
By the Editor June 26, 2014 (Morning Star News) –
The Sudanese mother of two detained at a Khartoum airport on Tuesday (June 24) after her death sentence for apostasy was overturned on Monday was released today, and foreign governments are pressuring Sudan to permit her to travel outside the country, according to various sources.


Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim 're-arrested'

24 June 2014

UPDATE 25 June: According to the latest reports, Meriam and her family are still in custody. She is repotedly being held Mrs Ibrahim is being held at a police station in Khartoum, Sudan's capital. According to her lawyer, Elsherif Ali, she has been accused by Sudan's National Security and Intelligence Authority of forging official documents. The emergency travel documents were issued by South Sudan's embassy in Khartoum, which insists that the travel documents are genuine.

Meriam was 're-arrested' at Khartoum airport less than 24 hours after her release from death row.

About 40 security agents detained Ms Ibrahim, along with her husband Daniel Wani and two children, who were intending to leave for the US. Her husband and children are now apparently released and staying at the US embassy.

Copt Convicted of 'Blasphemy' in Egypt for 'Liking' Facebook Page


Severity of sentence shocks Christians, free speech advocates. By Our Middle East Correspondent
ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 25, 2014 (Morning Star News) – A young Christian man in Upper Egypt accused of blaspheming Islam for “liking” a Facebook page was sentenced Tuesday (June 24) to six years in prison, shocking the Coptic community and other Facebook users.
Judge Hazim Hany of Armant Criminal Court found Kerolos Shouky Attallah, 29, of Al-Mahamid village near Luxor, guilty of violating two articles of the Egyptian Penal Code – Article 98F, defaming a divinely revealed religion, and Article 176, inciting sectarian violence.

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Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim released from death row

The Sudanese State News Agency, Suna, is reporting that Meriam Ibrahim has been released and the charges overturned.

Suna said: "The appeal court ordered the release of [Ibrahim] and the cancellation of the [earlier] court ruling."

She has been moved to a safe house, according to Mohaned Mostafa, a member of her legal team. He told Reuters: "Her family had been threatened before and we are worried that someone might try to harm her."

Sentenced to death

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim was sentenced to death in Khartoum on 11 May for 'apostasy' (converting to Christianity) as well as up to 100 lashes for committing adultery. She refused to renounce her Christian faith. According to reports, the judge told her: "We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death." Meriam calmly replied, "I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy."

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A young Christian man has been charged under Egypt’s “blasphemy” law for “liking” a Facebook page that local Muslims deemed offensive to Islam. The case prompted attacks by Islamists on Christian property.

Kerolos Shouky Attallah (29) of El-Mahameed village near Luxor is scheduled to appear in court on 24 June on a charge of showing disdain or contempt for a heavenly religion, which carries a penalty of between six months and five years in prison, or a fine.

Kerolos was accused after clicking the “like” button on a Facebook page run by a group of converts from Islam to Christianity, the Knights of the Cross. The page features posts about Christian and Islamic teachings, and is intended to encourage Arabic-speaking converts from Islam in their faith. Kerolos did not add any content to the page or interact with posts by others.

Radical Sunni Islamists face jail for attack on group of Shi'ites 'in first case of Muslim sectarian violence in Britain'

  • Violence broke out during protest organised by preacher Anjem Choudary
  • Two men were beaten with placards and sticks during event in London
  • Ginger-haired Jordan Horner, 20, attacked man after calling him a 'kaffir'
  • Other Sunni members Mohammed Almagir, 34, Mirza Ali, 38, Mohad Uddin, 36, and Kamran Khan, 29, joined in, shouting 'Shias are the enemy within'
  • Horner, Ali, Almagir and Uddin guilty of violent disorder, and Khan of affray
  • Group all due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey tomorrow

By Lucy Crossley 

Convicted: Jordan Horner, 20, is one of a group of Sunni Muslims facing jail for attacking a group of Shi'ites in what is believed to be the first case of Muslim sectarian violence on the streets of Britain

Convicted: Jordan Horner, 20, is one of a group of Sunni Muslims facing jail for attacking a group of Shi'ites in what is believed to be the first case of Muslim sectarian violence on the streets of Britain

Radical Sunni Muslims are facing jail for attacking a group of Shi’ites in what is believed to be the first case of Muslim sectarian violence on the streets of Britain.

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Brits 'Fighting With Iraq Militant Group ISIS'

It is unknown how many Britons could be taking up arms for the terror organisation in Iraq, which Mr Hague called the "most violent and brutal militant group in the Middle East".

Mr Hague repeated his position there was no prospect of a British military intervention to tackle ISIS in Iraq.

But he said counter-terrorism support could be offered to the government in Baghdad and a Ministry of Defence team had been sent to the country to assist embassy staff in contingency planning.

Isis video showing captured Iraqi military personnel

A man believed to be an Iraqi officer is apparently captured by ISIS

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Key figure in 'Trojan Horse' plot is an Ofsted inspector

Chairman of governors at a school implicated in "Trojan Horse" plot is named as an Ofsted inspector - days before watchdog releases damning reports into the affair

Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at Park View School in Birmingham, is a registered Ofsted inspector.
Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at Park View School in Birmingham, is a registered Ofsted inspector. Photo: BBC

A key figure implicated in the Islamic “Trojan Horse” plot to take over secular state schools in Birmingham is a registered Ofsted inspector, it has emerged.

Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at Park View School in the city, has been registered as an education inspector since 2010, it was revealed.

He was appointed to the role three years after publishing a detailed blueprint that appeared to advocate the introduction of Islamic practices in schools, including covering up girls, gender segregation in some activities and the end of multicultural worship.

Nigeria: 8 Christians killed and church in flames

Burned church Nigeria
   (AGI) - Abuja,- Armed men killed at least 8 Christians in their attack on a church in the central state of Plateau, and afterwards set the church on fire. The police made their statement, saying that for now they have not assigned the blame for the action, even though the MO and the aims of the attack lead to presuming it was the work by the Boko Haram Islamic Fundamentalists, who have killed thousands of people since 2009. (AGI) .

Kenya: Muslim Cleric Shot Dead in Mombasa

Police are investigating the murder of a Muslim cleric in the Coastal city of Mombasa.

Mohammed Idris 64 , chairman of the Council of  Imam and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) was shot dead on this morning outside his house in Likoni area .

Mombasa county commissioner Nelson Marwa said three assailants riding a motorbike confronted the Imam and shot him at close range as he was heading to the Mosque for morning prayers.

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Militants kill 23 Shia Muslim pilgrims in Baluchistan

Quetta: Militants have killed 23 Shia Muslim pilgrims in the Taftan area of the troubled Baluchistan province, officials said. 

Representational image. APFour of the attackers had also been killed by the levies forces after heavy exchange of fire, Home Minister, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, told reporters.

The attack took place on Sunday when ten buses carrying Shia pilgrims came from Iran and stopped at a hotel in Taftan.

"As soon as the pilgrims came out of the buses to go to the hotel first a group of militants first opened indiscriminate firing on them and also threw hand grenades before rushing into the hotel and taking refuge there," Bugti said.

The Big Story



Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have reportedly kidnapped 20 women from a nomadic settlement in northeast Nigeria near the town of Chibok, where the Islamic militants abducted more than 300 schoolgirls and young women on April 15.

Alhaji Tar, a member of the vigilante groups set up to resist Boko Haram's attacks, said the men arrived at noon Thursday in the Garkin Fulani settlement and forced the women to enter their vehicles at gunpoint. He says they drove away to an unknown location in the remote stretch of Borno state.

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Trojan Horse leaked report says pupils 'not protected from extremism'

Golden Hillock School

Golden Hillock School is among 25 Birmingham schools under investigation

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Pupils are not being protected from extremist views at a Birmingham school named in the Trojan Horse inquiry, according to leaked Ofsted reports.

Golden Hillock School in Sparkhill was described as inadequate by inspectors.

Another leaked report claims the governing body at Saltley School "paid private investigators to interrogate the emails of senior staff".

Ofsted began inspections after claims that hardline Muslims were trying to take over Birmingham schools.

Scores Dead from Attacks on Church,

Christian Areas in Northeast Nigeria Suspected Boko Haram rebels kill nine volunteers guarding worship service.

By Our Nigeria Correspondent

Adamawa Gov. Murtala Nyako. (Wikipedia)Suspected Boko Haram Islamists killed nine Christians guarding a church service in Borno state on Sunday (June 1), hours before a bombing of a Christian area in neighboring Adamawa state resulted in at least 48 deaths, Christian leaders said.


Church Website blocked as 'Porn' in Turkish Parliament

Legislator Says Lawmaker demands investigation.

By Our Middle East Correspondent
Wikimedia's 404 error message. (Wikimedia)ISTANBUL

 A Turkish legislator is demanding an investigation into why the website of at least one Turkish church was labeled pornography and blocked from computers at Turkey’s Grand National Assembly (TBMM).
While doing research on Wednesday (May 28) for a trip to Diyarbakir, Aykan Erdemir, a legislator from Bursa with the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), discovered that the website for Diyarbakir Church could not be accessed by members of the TBMM (or Parliament).


Iran Steps Up Campaign of Terror against House Churches Saeed Abedini tortured, beaten.

By Our Middle East Correspondent

ISTANBUL, Turkey, May 30, 2014 (Morning Star News) –


Iran’s secret police and Revolutionary Guard are subjecting Christians to a continuing wave of arrests, and increased torture and brutal beatings, in an effort to crush the house-church movement, activists said.

EXCLUSIVE: First picture of the baby born in a Sudan jail to mother sentenced to HANG for marrying a Christian

  • Meriam Ibrahim, 27, gave birth five days early yesterday after months shackled to floor
  • Father, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, pictured with hours-old girl in barbaric jail in Khartoum where Meriam has spent her pregnancy shackled to floor
  • Doctor was sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity after marrying, Daniel, a Christian who lives in New Hampshire
  • She will never see him grow up as she refuses to renounce Christianity
  • Lawyer told MailOnline: 'The family are taking time to enjoy the birth before they fight injustice'

By Arthur Martin

Proud: Father Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, from Manchester, New Hampshire, holds Maya for the first time after being allowed to visit to his wife, Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for marrying him, a Christian


Proud: Father Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, from Manchester, New Hampshire, holds Maya for the first time after being allowed to visit to his wife, Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for marrying him, a Christian

Sleeping peacefully in the arms of her father, this is precious baby Maya born in jail to the woman facing execution in Sudan for marrying a Christian U.S. citizen.

Abu Hamza Al-Masri, Radical Muslim Cleric, Found Guilty Of Terror Charges By US Federal Court




NEW YORK -- Abu Hamza al-Masri, the radical Islamic cleric who was extradited from the UK to the US in 2012, has been found guilty of terror-related charges by a federal court in New York. The verdict, reached after a four-week trial in Manhattan, means the cleric is likely to spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison.

After two days of deliberation, the jury found Hamza, who was born Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, guilty on 11 counts, including planning to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon, conspiring to kidnap Americans in Yemen, facilitating violent jihad in Afghanistan and suppling the Taliban with goods and services.

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Convert to Christianity in Sudan Faces Death for Apostasy: Islamic Sharia Law.

By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker 

The international community needs to stand up to the brutal reality of Islamic Sharia Law because this legal code is neo-medieval and based on apartheid logic. In Sudan the reality of Islamic Sharia law is clear for all to see because a female Muslim faces being hanged for merely marrying a Christian male and then renouncing Islam. This reality equally applies in other mainly Muslim nations that abide by Islamic Sharia law in its entirety. Therefore, it is essential that “liberal elites” in the West stop appeasing all the time. After all, this is merely encouraging Islamists to spread this apartheid logic within the body politic of mainly non-Muslim nations.

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