البرلمان الاوروبى بخصوص نادية محمد على واولادها السبعة المسجونين بسبب تحولهم للمسيحية


Question for written answer E-000734/2013to the Commission (Vice-President / High Representative)

Rule 117Charles Tannock (ECR)Subject:       VP/HR -

The case of the Egyptian Coptic woman Nadia Mohamed Ali and her childrenIs the Vice-President / High Representative aware of the disturbing case of Mrs Nadia Mohamed Ali, an Egyptian woman who, along with her 7 children, has been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for converting back to Christianity?

Mrs Nadia Mohamed Ali was a Coptic Christian before marriage, converted to Islam when she married her husband, and then chose to return to Christianity after her husband’s death in 2004.

The Egyptian Government, which actively encourages the conversion of Christians to Islam, not only denies the same right to Muslims who want to become Christians but punishes them with criminal sanctions in order to force them to comply with Islamic Sharia law. This is increasingly becoming a threat to the Coptic Christian minority and to converts to Christianity.

Can the Vice-President / High Representative make an appeal through the EU delegation in Cairo for clemency to be exercised and for Mrs Ali and her children to be released from prison?


ENE-000734/2013Answer given by High Representative/Vice President Ashton(18.6.2013)   The EU is aware and concerned about the constraints that different religious minorities face in Egypt and condemns all forms of intolerance, discrimination and violence against persons because of their religion or belief, wherever it takes place and regardless of the religion. The HR/VP repeatedly called on the Egyptian authorities to ensure freedom of religion or belief in the country.  Regarding the specific case of Nadia Mohamed Ali, the EU Delegation in Cairo confirms that the Egyptian Coptic woman has been sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for changing her religion status on her identity document. Despite EEAS' inquiry in the country, at the moment we cannot confirm whether she is in prison or not. The EU will continue to follow closely the case and monitor the situation on the ground in order to provide additional information.