Egypt: Muslims Besiege Court Sentencing Christian for “Insulting Islam”

Right before Muslims besieged the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, another pack of Muslims had besieged a court in Upper Egypt, where a Coptic Christian English teacher accused of “insulting” Islam, Bishoy Kamil Kamal, was supposed to be sentenced. For the second time, the court postponed his sentencing, this time to September 18, because it was surrounded by large crowds crying Islamic slogans, condemning Christians, and calling for the death of the man—to the point that very heavy security had to be present.

Kamal is accused of post insulting material about the prophet of Islam on his Facebook account some months back. He insists he was not responsible, and investigations confirm that there were two accounts on Facebook in the name of the defendant and both had his profile photo, but his Islamic accusers are still demanding his death.