القضاء المصرى المتأسلم يحتاج إلى فضحه.

المستشار عرفان صديق يحكم على قاتل ميلاد فرج بسنة مع إيقاف التنفيذ!! 

Justice, Egyptian style 

The murderer of a 23-year-old Copt gets 1 year suspended sentence

In a surprise verdict on 5th October 2008, the judge his name is Irfan Sediq, sentenced the murderer of a 23-year-old Milad Farag, Copt to 1 year suspended sentence at Minya criminal court.

22-year-old Muslim Khamis Eid stabbed Milad Farag Following a personal disagreement when Eid alleged that Milad was spying on him and his wife in an intimate moment, Eid had nothing to substanciate his allegation.

Eid reportedly stabbed Farag to death after tricking him to walk to discuss the issue. They both walked to a field outside their village Dafash Samallout District, Minya province where Eid stabbed Milad Farag several times in a premeditated murder.

This type of verdict makes it obvious that the Egyptian judiciary denies justice to Christians in Egypt.

The United Copts is awaiting more detials of the rediculus verdict soon.