This section will start from today 5/11/2007 to enlist problems and hardships Copts encounter in Egypt because of their religion. It compliments List of Atrocities.

A Christian woman in prison since 26/8/2007 because her father's conversion when she was 3 years old. 

Shadia and Bahia Nagy Ibrahim, both Christians aged 48y and 46 y old, Shadia in Banha prison since 26/8/2007 for a crime she never committed Bahia is on the run to be arrested for a crime she never committed too. 

Both Shadia and Bahia come from a small village in Meet Ghamr, their father converted to Islam for a short period in 1962 when they were 3 and 1 years olds, their father deserted the house for a short period, may be a year or two then returned confirming that he returned back to Christianity with an ID card to prove it and continued family life till he died.

Family lived as Christian family, attended churches etc, Shadia got married to a Christian man in church approximately 27 years ago, as she wanted to have ID card, her father’s name appeared as Mustafa, she considered this is a mistake, tried to correct it, proved to be difficult, decided to leave the matter. Apparently following their father return to Christianity bribed some one to alter his paper to Christian, he also produced Shadia ID card, as usually happen in Egypt villages, the father takes charge of official family documents, with her religion as Christian, as in fact she was/ is. The father died many years ago.

While Shadia was preparing for her son wedding, she was arrested by police and taken to police station, was charged of forgery of official documents and kept on remand in Banha prison awaiting court hearing on 22/11/2007. 

It is obvious that both Shadia and Bahia Nagy Ibrahim have not committed or participated in any crime, their father brief conversion and absence from home was not felt by them due to their young age. Shadia is married as Christian, all her family members are Christians. 

If Shari Law is going to be applied here, would Shadia, her husband and children have to believe in Islam and change their official document as such? United Copts GB will wait with anticipation to the court hearing on 22/11/2007. We trust the Egypt judiciary will consider this matter carefully and protection the Freedom of religion of this Christian family in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution and international treaties and covenants will be taken care of.