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Another Extension for Dr. Adel Fawzy and Mr. Peter Izat in custody.


A renewal of the Dr. Adel Fawzy’s and Peter Izat’s arrest  for a period of thirty days was decided upon today by the SSI, this is supposed to be the last legal extension, after this, they are either  set free or sent to an official court  and presenting actual convictions to them.

In a shocking move and to proof the fraud and forgery of the Egyptian Police, the regime presented a forged and adapted copy of the Rabso Quran with the MECA logo, keeping in mind that the same book was presented in the past weeks with a totally different logo with nothing to resemble our organization.  

Early this morning The Middle East Christian Association members in Egypt gathered outside the court hall dressed in a black T-Shirt with the Organization’s logo as well as Dr. Adel and Peter’s Photo printed on them with one message “FREE THEM”. This frustrated the Egyptian security forces and made them retaliate by surrounding our members, pushing them and physically provoking them leaving no choice but to take our young ladies out of the court hall so no harm can be done to them.


Dr. Adel and Peter entered and left the court room surrounded by an army of security forces, preventing any reporter or photographer to take any photos or a few words from our imprisoned members.

The Middle East Christian Association expresses its deep dismay on how the Egyptian Security Forces forged the evidence related to convicting our member, the organization states that it has the right to react and reply to the all these measures in the appropriate way that fits how the Egyptian regime neglects intentionally all the national and international charters that it has signed on.

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