An announcement by MECA

MECA announces its extreme dismay, anger and shock at the unfair extension of the detention of two of our members for a further fifteen days

for no just reason and without charging them.

What is happening now leads us to believe that neither the Judiciary nor the Police but the state security has the upper hand in Egypt.

It's a real shame that the only charge directed at us is the publication of 'The Persecuted' which is merely an account of the atrocities committed against Christians. If anything, this booklet puts the state to shame as it exposes the injustices committed against the Christians in Egypt for indeed how could the regime allow the publication of a document that implicate it in the heinous crime for how can such a guilty regime hold inquests in cases in which the regime itself was instrumental?



Instead of listening to the voices of the oppressed and making an apology the regime goes and arrests those who dare speak out and detains them without fair reason.

We challenged the regime to deny even one incident mentioned in the book. When they couldn't they went and arrested our members accusing them of defaming religion. This may be true as we dared speak out for our rights of coexistence and citizenship when extremist Islam claims superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims. So by speaking out for justice we insult Islam.

We have to accept in silence our sisters and daughters to be raped and our men murdered or thrown in prison and our churches burnt otherwise we will be accused of scandalising our beloved country if we dare speak out. And if we dare speak out we are accused of insulting Islam and putting our country in disrepute.


This oppressive regime heeds no law, or treaty that it signed to, this state is governed by the SSI who care nothing for international declarations cast aside the judiciary and humiliated them, incarcerated journalists will not hesitate to throw thousands of innocent people in prison.

As a human rights organisation our patience has begun to run out our wisdom is slowly taken over by our anger before this tyranny. The state will pay the price of these crimes. 'The persecuted will be distributed free of charge to as wide a a readership as we can possibly reach, we will stand and read it out loud in public places.


We will spread the news of oppression so the whole world knows, we will hold demonstrations inside and outside Egypt we will encourage public mutiny against the regime. We shall not be quiet as long as our people are incarcerated. We shall not let go of one of our principles and we shall not be broken