Dr Adel Fawzi and Mr Peter Ezzat continue to be detaianed for further 15 days 


 Today was the hearing into Dr. Fawzy and Mr. Ezzat's case. The court ruled that the two activists remain in custody for a further 15 days. 

The court didn't give reasons why the custody was extended. There are no further investigations and hence no reason why the two shouldn't be let out. There are no charges pressed either.      

When asked why the custody was prolonged, the Lawyer Cllr. Ramses Al-Naggar declared that this was not a criminal case but a political one and the only way to push things forward is to mobilise public opinion against this decision.

It was also their opinion that one reason why the two activists were still in custody was so the government can create a balance after the arrest of several members of the banned Society of Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Nader Fawzy President of MECA protested to the Lawyer over the broadcast phone conversation that whereas the arrested Muslim brotherhood members were engaging in criminal activities, the two MECA activists were innocent of any alleged suspicions, to which the lawyer didn't make any response. 

Regarding mobilising public opinion in favour of the MECA activists it is worth noting that there had been several attempts to smear the reputation of the organisation and its members, the last of these attempts was misquoting Nader Fawzy the president of MECA in a televised program trying to show him as a Right Wing fanatic.

Mr. Fawzy however managed to foil the plan by recording and broadcasting an unedited version of the program in the organisations own chat room on the chat engine Paltalk. Another ploy used in the smear campaign was to make out that there is a dispute between the members of the organisation regarding the actions of its president which was also foiled.

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