Stop Forced Islamization of the childern Mario and Andrew 

The Egyptian Coptic Christian Twins Andrew and Mario beg your help to stop their Islamization by the Egyptian Government. 

Courtsy of Copts United  

By : Dr. / Jack Attallah

Differences occurred when Mario& Andrew were 6 years old , Father left home on the impact of a relationship with a Muslim religion lady and Medhat was to change his religion to Islam as the Law of Shariat obliged to do so if he had to marry a Moslem Woman( although the same law permit Moslems to marry Christian Women !!!)

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To those who do not know about Mario and Andrew – they are two 13 years old children ,Coptic Christians were born & still live at Alexandria Egypt They were the result of a successful love story & religious marriage in the Church) between Medhat a Coptic Christian Sea Captain and Camillia also Coptic Christian Taxation Expert

In Egypt , the Islamic Law was put to act in Egyptian Doctrine Since 1978 By ex president Sadat under pressure from Shikh AlAzhar the highest Islamic organization in Egypt and the Terrorist Group Moslem Brothers (Alekhwan Al Moslemoon) who allied with and fully supported Sadat then later killed him on October 1981.

Medhat tried to force his wife to be Moslem wife so he can combine her with his new Moslem wife ( Islamic Law give him right to have 4 wives at the same house) She Totally refused , He abandoned her with no expenses or divorce ,also did not request custody of children till this year the became 13 years old.

Medhat this year took a tragic turn against his twin MARIO & ANDREW, he changed their religion to Islam in their Birth Certificates without their consent (In Egypt the government put religion in that certificate) then with cooperation of Ministry of Education forced them to be examined in the Islamic religion in their School although they are under the custody of their Christian Mother and study Christian Religion in their School , The twin refused this change and wrote in the exam papers WE ARE CHRISTIANS , this was logic because they also did not study Islamic religion during the school year , The school failed them and they have to redo the whole year although they rank in the top of the academic studies.

Sharia of Islam states that Islam predominate Christianity in the world also in heaven according to God Judgment in Quraan the holly book of Islam
, so the children of a converted Christian to Islam MUST BE AUTOMATICALLY MOSLEMS.

Because of the insistence of the father, school supported him by Wahhabi Islamic law imposed & financed by The King Of Saudi Arabia ABDULLAH though his huge Oil income .  

President Mubarak  insisted to keep Islamic Sharia laws in article II of the Constitution , refused to reapeal or amend them by adding the respect of Christian laws for Christian citizens(18% of population)

This stubborn position from Mubarak was the cause of all the criminal tragedies faced Coptic Christians since Sadat till today and tomorrow ( Terrorism , forced islamization , killing , burning churches & killing breasts , kidnapping and raping under age Christian girls)

Shariaa Moslem Laws undermined the principle of freedom of religion and equality of all Egyptians under the law by saying non Moslems are atheist and should be Islamized or killed .

President Mubarak took a strong position 2 years ago towards a Moslem girl student named A'ala older than Andrew and Mario- which wrote a political essay in the Arabic language exam that has nothing to do with the question posed and was full of demeaning and very impolite personal insults to president George Bush & USA –as a result , the school failed her , Mubarak received the girl and her father in his presidency palace and rewarded her also immediately changed her marks .

As we know all USA GIVES EGYPT MORE THAN 2.2 Billion Dollar yearly since 1975 !!!???

President Mubarak also intervened in the subject of Girls circumcision after a 10 years old Moslem Girl (named Bedour) died during this terrorist Savage behavior spread in all Moslem World against Innocent under age Moslem Girls he ordered the -Mufti, the high rank Moslem religion employee of the President and under the authority to Issue a Fatwa to stop that crime.

Do not forget the position of President during killing Palestinian boy Mohammed Al-Durra,by Israelis where an official compulsory mourning applied by his order to the state TV and Radio also Egyptian newspapers
Although Mr. Mubarak did all that good for his Moslem Citizens he insists always to give his Christians citizens the Other side .

The Azhar the highest religios authority quickly changed their religion to islam against their father& mother willing as they were just minors and against the Egyptian law, even the law-Azhar itself .

Mr. Mubarak gives the green light to Moslem sheikhs and Writers to insult and undermine Christianity & Christian leaders in the official Mosques , TV , Radio and Newspapers without giving Christians any right to reply

Now, Mr. Mubarak Hyde Why you insist on the twins Andrew and Mario suffering? ?

Why you impose Islam by force THEY AREChRISTIANS since its conception , showed a genuine desire to stay genuine Christians

Why you go after the very peaceful Christians of EGYPT THE PURE ORIGINAL EGYPTIANS ??

Why Mr. Mubarak you follow the Wahabi Saudi King who finances forcing Islamization of Copts pay for raping the under aged Christian girls ,

resolved and stimulating blood and money in repentance and repentance five twenty-nine and chapeau, and Mohamed Al mandate age and Line decree? ? ?

Why not see your make up only Copts smells fatal Mr Mubarak in all accidents occurred Bahdk Black scarcity and Afayyoum thereto, and Minya, Sohag and Luxor and Alexandria and all Egyptian city became us dead and wounded and the friends and persecuted

Mr. Mubarak : Do you like to see Mario and Andrew martyrs? ?
They became are alive Martyrs because they testified and defended their religion in a wahabi

Why Mr. Mubarak have this complicated diseased personality Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . ???

Why don’t become the good personality of Dr. Jekyll to all yr citizens without being Mr.Hyde only to Christians ??