The arrest and torture of Convert (Eman mohamed el sayed) 26 y 

by Egyptian police 

CAIRO – On Monday, July 16, 2007, the arrest and torture of Sister (Eman mohamed el sayed) 26 years old , a Muslim Background Believer of four years, has occurred in the midst of a local fair in Al-Azareeta, Alexandria.

Browsing the fair with her husband at 1 p.m., she was spotted by her brother and uncle, both fanatic Islamic group members, and was subject under attack by her family members in hopes to ultimately be killed. At the moment of attack, police officers interfered, arrested her at the  Police Station of  bab-sharky on the command of Officer Khayree Nasar, and ultimately transferred her to State Police in el-fraana  upon being discovered carrying Christian identification.

sister (Eman mohamed el sayed) was forced to remove her clothing and was then tortured and electrocuted.

We are asking for her release, otherwise, we are going to take matter in our own hands and globally circulate her information, paying special attention to Human Rights.

Please place a restraining order over her family so they can no deal with her in any shape of form.

Rasha Noor

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