A Call to rally for support 

The Middle East Christians Association calls upon Christian organisations, especially those involved in human rights. We need your support.

On the 26th of July 2007 there will be a civil hearing in the Egyptian courts demanding compensation for the victims of Al-Kosheh.

A sectarian incident took place in 1999 in Al-Kosheh, a village in Upper Egypt with a Christian majority. This incident resulted in the loss of lives and property of Christians. No one was held to account for the incident and families who lost their kin and livelihoods have not been vindicated in any way up to the present day. 

What was to be called a street fight was started in the village of Al-Kosheh. Fire arms were used and 21 people died, all but one are Christian, Shops and businesses belonging to Christians in the village were targeted, destroyed and looted.

This happened under the eyes and ears of the Police and the Security forces who did not move to stop the carnage. The local Police claim they were unable to tackle an event on that level and their calls for support were not heeded by

Those who were arrested and charged were later acquitted or given very light, almost token sentences in court. The Chief Prosecutor was instrumental in this grave miscarriage of justice

And now after seven years of this shameful event in the history of Egyptian Justice, we feel that we need to demand some compensation for the losses incurred by many families. We hold the regime and the police entirely responsible for what counts as collaboration with the aggressors.

Our ultimate goal is really to achieve justice for all regardless of faith or creed. So far our voice may not have heard loud enough, which may account for the lack of support and empathy. We are sure, however that if we make our case known to the world we are sure to get the support of anyone with a conscience regardless of faith and creed.

We would feel vindicated if at least we manage to get compensation for those people who were done a great injustice.

We count on your support and await your response.

Nader Fawzy


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