MRG urges Egypt to give Constitution drafting process more time

30 November 2012

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) expresses serious concern about Thursday's approval of the Draft Constitution by Egypt's Constituent Assembly.

Egypt's President Morsi has stated that he will now organise a popular referendum to ratify the draft. Roughly a third of the Assembly had resigned over the past months, protesting against the dominance of a political voting bloc promoting an Islamic conception of State and Society.

The members who resigned were predominantly from Liberal or Socialist parties, or belonging to the Coptic Christian Church, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities. Religious and ethnic minorities of Egypt were either never included in the Assembly, or have now withdrawn.

Egypt: No to Constitution Establishing Political and Theocratic Tyranny - Egyptian Rights Groups Reject Draft Constitution

The undersigned human rights organizations express their rejection of the content and philosophy of the draft constitution proposed by the Constituent Assembly and scheduled to be voted on in a referendum within the coming month. The undersigned organizations emphasize that this draft constitution does not represent the cultural, religious, ethnic, and political diversity of Egyptian society. Furthermore, this draft constitution fails to uphold the objectives of the January 25th Revolution and undermines the values of citizenship, equality, freedom, and human rights.

The Constituent Assembly has turned its back on the January 25th Revolution and made light of the sacrifices made by thousands of Egyptians to achieve freedom, social justice, and democratization. In its draft of the constitution, the Assembly supports the cornerstones of political tyranny by adopting a system which enshrines massive powers for the presidency, as was the case prior to January 25, 2011. It also leaves the door wide open to the creation of a religious state, which poses severe challenges to rights and freedoms.


Organisation Franco-Egyptienne

pour les Droits de l'Homme 

Franco-Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

 منظمة فرنكو ايجبسيان لحقوق الانسان – اوفيد


بيان صحفي - باريس ١٨ نوفمبر ٢٠١٢ - 


زيارة محمد ابو حامد لفرنسا

قامت منظمة فرنكو ايجبسيان لحقوق الانسان - اوفيد - بفرنسا باستقبال السيد محمد ابو حامد النائب بمجلس الشعب المنحل ورئيسحزب حياة المصريين لثلاثة ايام بين الاربعاء والجمعة ١٤ الى ١٦ نوفمبر ٢٠١٢ حيث عقد رئيس المنظمة السيد جون ماهر لقاءا موسعا بباريس مع ابو حامد لبحث وضع انتهاكات حقوق الانسان وتحديات التحول الديمقراطي في مصر بعد ثورة ٢٥ يناير وقد قامت المنظمة ايضا بتنسيق عدة لقاءات للنائب ابو حامد مع عدد من الشخصيات الفرنسية والاوروبية التي تمت في مجلس الشوري بباريس ومنهم  النائبة رئيسة لجنة الصداقة الفرنسية المصرية والنائب المسؤول عن العلاقات الخارجية والنائب المسؤول عن تنمية السياحة وادريان جوتيرون نائب رئيس مجلس الشورى السابق اما في المفوضية الاوروبية ببروكسل فقد نظمت المقابلات مع هيئة العمل الخارجي الأوروبي المتخصصة في أدوات حقوق الإنسان ومع فريق التوعية بمكتب مستشار السياسة الأوروبية وتناولت هذه الاجتماعات تحليل الوضع في مصر والتحديات التي تواجه القوي المدنية والليبرالية لفرض احترام المواطنة والحريات وحقوق الاقليات والمرآة والطفل وايضا مشكلة صياغة الدستور وقضايا التحول الديمقراطي وقد تم مناقشة الطرق والوسائلالتي يمكن من خلالها ان تساعد فرنسا والاتحاد الأوروبي الشعب المصري في تحقيق التحول الديمقراطي المنشود بعد الثورة

جون ماهر - رئيس المنظمة

For Immediate Release

9 October 2012


Peaceful protests are scheduled to take place today to commemorate what has been termed “Egypt’s Bloody Sunday”, when unarmed demonstrators peacefully protesting the destruction of a Coptic church in Mari Nab, Aswan district, were surrounded and attacked by members of the security services outside the state television centre in Cairo’s Maspero suburb, resulting in 27 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Victims’ families are still awaiting real justice one year on from the attack on peaceful Christian and Muslim protestors. The majority of victims suffered gunshot injuries, while others were severely beaten. Video footage depicts soldiers driving armoured vehicles at the crowd, mowing down a number of people, several of whom were crushed to death. During the violence, state media was widely criticized for playing an inflammatory role by calling on “honourable citizens” to “defend” the army from allegedly “armed” Coptic attackers.




uk ca lotus flower2.jpg2uafec

                 UK Copts


Coptic Organisations UK

Immediate Press Release

Two Coptic Children Accused of 'Insulting Islam' Released Pending Investigation  

The Coptic Organisations in the UK strongly condemn the irresponsible, threatening and intimidating action of the Egyptian Security forces and the judiciary in arresting and putting on trial 2 children under 10 who have been accused of defaming the Quoran.

The children who have been found to be illiterate have just been released pending a full trial.

This is just another clear example of terrorising Coptic families and their children, state collusion in persecuting Christians and abuse of the role of law and a clear miscarriage of justice on Coptic Christians in direct violation of “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” which Egypt is signatory country.

We ask the international community to take action and demand the immediate dismissal of this trial based on the illiteracy of the children and the malice nature of the accusation.

Coptic Organisations UK

UK Copts Assosiation

United Copts of GB

United Action for Egyptian Christians


The current forming of the Human rights council in Egypt violates Paris principles for national entities for human rights.


Al Kalema Center For Human Rights (ACHR) expresses its deepest sorrow and disappointment over the way the Egyptian national council for human rights was formed, the merits used was not transparent, unacceptable and does not comply with Paris principles and merits of Paris for forming national human rights councils (PPFHRC).



ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to

 listen to the economic, social demands of the citizens and meet them instead of

arresting the peaceful protesters who protest

Cairo, August 12, 2012
ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to meet the economic and social needs of the citizens and promote the communication between them and the Egyptian citizens who want to reap the fruits of their revolution. It calls also to ensure their right to freedom of expression and protest the mass of peaceful demonstration instead of arrest due to the exercise of the legitimate right to express their opinions.

  المركز المصري لحقوق الإنسان 

المركز المصري لحقوق الإنسان

هيمنة الاخوان على الصحف القومية وترهيب الاعلاميين

خطوة مرفوضة وغير ديمقراطية


القاهرة في : 9 / 8 / 2012

يعرب المركز المصري لحقوق الانسان عن مخاوفه بشأن حملات الترهيب التى قام بها عدد من شباب جماعة الاخوان المسلمين وحزب الحرية والعدالة ضد الاعلاميين المصريين وشن حملات عدائية ضد القنوات الفضائية فى مرحلة مفصلية تمر بها البلاد، وتحميل القنوات الفضائية مسئولية ما تتعرض له البلاد فى سابقة خطيرة لم يجرؤ النظام السابق على القيام بها وهو الأمر الذى يمهد لمرحلة خطيرة يتم فيها الاعتداء على الحريات العامة للاعلام ولا يمكن قبوله.

For Immediate Release

3 August 2012


Christian homes and business were looted in violence that broke out following the death of a Muslim man in the Egyptian village of Dahshur on 1 August 2012. An estimated 120 Christian families had reportedly fled the village the previous day in anticipation of revenge attacks.

In a statement, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has promised to punish culprits of the Dahshur violence to the “full extent of the law”. The President’s spokesperson stated that President Morsi “would not allow anyone to attack public or private property or terrorise any Egyptian citizen.”

The incident began on the 27 July when a Coptic launderer, Sameh Samy, burnt the shirt of a Muslim client, Ahmad Ramadan. It is claimed that despite both men agreeing to settle the grievance that evening, Mr Ramadan returned in the afternoon with a 3,000-strong armed mob, which surrounded Mr Samy's house and business. As fighting raged, Mr Samy eventually hurled a Molotov cocktail from the roof of his house, which hit a Muslim passer-by named Moaz, who was taken to hospital with third degree burns from which he later died.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), 120 Christian families fled the village, with only one family remaining, following threats by clerics and the victim’s family to exact revenge. Police later arrested and detained Mr Samy, his father and brother and charged them with murder and possession of explosives. Despite five arrest warrants being issued for five Muslims involved in the attack, they remain at large.

Following the violence and destruction, Coptic Christians from the Maspero Coptic Youth Federation and the Coalition of Egypt’s Copts staged demonstrations outside the presidential palace. The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement criticising authorities “for not dealing firmly with the events, demanding the speedy arrest of perpetrators, the provision of security to the village Copts, their return to their homes, and monetary compensation for all those affected.”

Andrew Johnston, Advocacy Director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), said, “CSW is very concerned at the latest incident of sectarian violence in Egypt, and the seeming continuation of the culture of “collective punishment”, whereby an entire Coptic community is punished for the actions of one individual. It is worrying that Christians are increasingly being displaced and forced from their homes for fear of imminent attack. While CSW commends the statement by President Morsi, we call upon him to honour his promise to pursue true justice for victims of violence. In order to end impunity, victims must be adequately compensated for the damage to or loss of their properties, and their safe return to their homes in Dahshur must be ensured.”

For further information or to arrange interviews please contact Kiri Kankhwende, Press Officer at Christian Solidarity Worldwide on +44 (0)20 8329 0045 / +44 (0) 78 2332 9663, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is a Christian organisation working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, in the pursuit of justice.



Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C.


Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Party
Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9230 2478 | Facsimile: (02) 9230 2098
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Release

Islamic Extremist Elected as Egyptian President

26th June 2012


The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, along with his Parliamentary team and Management Committee, are extremely concerned with developments in Egypt overnight, where the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamad Morsi, narrowly defeated his opponent in the run-off vote to the Egyptian Presidency.

The ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood has even shocked some liberal Muslims who are concerned about the implementation of the repressive Islamic Sharia Law in a nation that up until recent times was known for its moderate culture.


بيان إتحاد المنظمات القبطية بأوروبا (إيكور(

بشأن التدخل الامريكى السافر لتسليم السلطة للاخوان

نحن إتحاد المنظمات القبطية بأوروبا نشجب بشدة كل محاولات الضغط الأمريكي والقطري غير المشروع على السلطة الإنتقالية المصرية وكل محاولة تحايل على الإرادة العامة للشعب المصري بتسليم السلطة إلى مرشح تشوب نتيجته شوائب عدم المشروعية والغش والتدليس والطعون ضده مقدمه حالياً أمام القضاة المختصين.

كما أننا نرفض الإجتماعات التي تتم على الأراضي الأمريكية بين وفد الموساد الإسرائيلي والأخوان بمباركة أمريكية قطرية... عبر دهاليز تفتقر للشفافية والإعلام ونُحَمِّل أمريكا المسؤولية الدولية الكاملة عن كل محاولة سياسية لتسليم السلطة  قبل إعلان النتيجة الرسمية للإنتخابات بواسطة اللجنة القضائية المختصة صاحبة الإختصاص الدستوري الوحيد وفقاً للإعلان الدستوري الساري خلال الفترة الإنتقالية.

Dear all,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ during these days of the fast of our fathers the apostles.

As you will undoubtedly know, a government consultationon on same-sex marriage has been conducted, and the period for submission of comments and representations comes to an end today. Over the past months I have been contacted and approached by many within our own community who are very disturbed about this matter and its expected implications.

For this reason please find attached and below our statement submitted to the Government Equalities Office as well as the press release we issued earlier today. I thought that you would like to both see and potentially share this with others of our community and beyond to to reassure them of our involvement in the process and our position on this matter.

On a separate note, over these coming days we also pray for Egypt through the presidential elections, and for our own Church as we seek God’s hand to choose a good and faithful shepherd for us.

Asking your prayers for our common witness, I leave you in the love and care of our gracious Lord.

+Anba Angaelos 

+Anba Angaelos 


For immediate use and circulation

Date: 14th June 2012


The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK

Media and Public Relations Office

The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom responds to the Government Equalities Office Consultation relating to same-sex civil marriage.

In response to the Government Equalities Office Consultation, The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom has stated that it cannot support the proposal relating to same-sex civil marriage, listing the following items for careful consideration: 



بيان اتحاد المنظمات القبطية بأوروبا( إيكور)بشأن المبادىء التنظيمية للدستور

على أعتاب مرحلة جديدة فى تاريخ مصر الوطن الذى يعيش فينا ، و انطلاقا من وعى دستورى كامل بعدم وجود مبادئ فوق دستورية حاكمة و أنما مبادئ تنظيمية و موضوعية سابقة على اعداد الدستور الجديد و معبرة عن آمال الشعب المصرى بعد ثورة يناير ٢٠١١، أضحى من المحتم ان يصدر قانون تشكيل الجمعية التأسيسية لتنظيم إجراءات تكوينها و عملها من الناحية الإجرائية كما اصبح من اللازم أيضاً ان يكون امام هذه الجمعية الدستورية التأسيسية وثيقة تلخص ضمانات الحقوق و آمال ثورة يناير حتى تستلهم بها هذه الهيئة الموقرة.

و من اهم هذه المبادئ يجدر بالذكر التى: ان مصر دولة مدنية مستقلة ذات سيادة، لغتها العربية، و نظامها جمهوري ديمقراطي يقوم من الان فصاعد على مبادئ التعددية السياسية ، المواطنة، المساواة وعدم التمييز بين المواطنين فى الحقوق و الواجبات و كذلك مبدأ سيادة القانون و الدولة القانونية و ان الشعب، بكل طوائفه وفئاته و قواه السياسية بلا تمييز او تعيين أو حصر، هو المصدر الوحيد للسيادة. و تبعا فان كل سلطة أنشأها هذا الدستور تخضع لهذه السيادة و تعمل فى اطارالوحدة الوطنية و التكافل الاجتماعي، و تتوخى المساواة بين المواطنين فى الحقوق و الواجبات. و بهذه المثابة تلتزم الدولة بجميع سلطاتها باحترام مبدأ الكرامة الإنسانية و الحريات الدستورية المقررة فى الاتفاقيات الدولية التى صدقت مصر عليها و ذلك بلا انتقاص او انتهاك او تجر.

For Immediate Release

25 May 2012


Twelve Christians were sentenced to life imprisonment in Egypt on 21 May 2012 in connection with an outbreak of sectarian violence in April 2011 that left three people dead. Eight Muslims jointly charged in the case were acquitted.

Sources close to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) described the decision by Judge Abdel Fattah Ahmend al-Sughayar of Minya Criminal Court as a “serious miscarriage of justice”.

The conflict in April 2011 reportedly began after a Muslim bus driver became angry over a speed bump outside the home of a wealthy Coptic attorney and instigated a crowd, brandishing weapons, to assist him in removing it. Fearing an imminent attack, the guard at the house began to shoot, killing two Muslims and injuring two others. Following the funerals of the two dead, a mob of local Muslims, accompanied by Salafis, burnt down scores of Christian homes and businesses. During the violence an elderly Coptic woman died after being thrown from a balcony, while a Coptic man was critically injured. According to members of the local Coptic community, when security forces arrived at the scene they did not intervene to stem the violence.

Press Release

For immediate release

For contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Sharia justice in Arab Spring Egypt.

Egypt: Muslims assault Christians, Muslims acquitted, Christians sentenced to life in prison

On the 21 May 2012 Minya Criminal Court sentenced 12 Christians to life in prison in a case set off by religious tensions in the country’s south. Head Judge Abdel Fattah Ahmed al-Sughayar acquitted eight other Muslim defendants. The Christians were found guilty of sowing public strife, the possession of illegal weapons and shooting dead two Muslims in April of last year in Abu-Qurkas Minya province, about 220 kilometers (135 miles) south of Cairo..  

The religious tension in Minya spilled over into violence last year when a Muslim microbus driver, angered by a speed bump outside a wealthy Christian man’s villa, got into a scuffle with security guards who beat him. After returning to his village of Abu Qurqas that evening, he rounded up the villagers who then gathered outside an ultraconservative Islamist group’s main office "Ansar El-Sharia" to protest his beating, the Christians nearby seeing the 3000-4000 Salafis armed with knives, machetes and sticks thought they were going to be attacked and shot from their rooftops down at the crowd, killing two and wounding two others.  

For several days after, angry villagers torched dozens of Christian homes and stores. The eight Muslims on trial in the same case had been charged with possession of illegal weapons and burning down the Christian-owned homes and stores after the shooting, later in court were exonerated.

lawyer Alaa Reda Rushdi was who is one of the twelve sentenced was not present at the time of the incident as he coming back from attending court hearing in Cairo to one of his cases he was as well sentenced to life imprisonment.  

This court case is stark example to the persecution of Christians in Egypt by the last resort for justice, the Egyptian courts.

The innocent lives who are going to suffer life imprisonment for no reason other than being Christians condemned by an Islamist judge, and the exoneration of the mob who burned and razed the Christian homes and businesses is going to be shame and disgrace to the discredited Egyptian justice who urgently need to be cleansed and purged from Islamists contamination and infiltration.

Christians in Egypt are in urgent need for justice and urgent need to feel secure in the land of their ancestors.  

We ask the Egyptian Supreme Military Council, the Egyptian government to retry this sham case.

We ask every Human Rights organisation, government and anyone who believe in justice to pressurize the Egyptian government to retry this case.


PR Newswire: news distribution, targeting and monitoring 

Press release

In the New Egypt, It's "Punish the Victim and Crush the Innocent"

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Coptic Solidarity strongly urges that the international community, through the United Nations Human Rights Council, appoint a special rapporteur for the Copts in Egypt, particularly in light of the recent evictions, property confiscations and attacks against Copts.

The Copts are the Christians of Egypt who represent about 12% of Egypt's 84 million people.

Over the past two weeks, a new and ugly campaign has been waged against Copts. At least eight Coptic families have been evicted from their homes in the al-Nahda village, Amereyah, near Alexandria, following unconfirmed accusations against a Copt of having an affair with a Muslim woman. Even though the accused quickly surrendered himself to the police for investigation, some 5,000 village people, incited by Salafists and other Islamist groups, went on a violent rampage, collectively punishing the few Coptic families that live in the area, burning and ransacking their houses and their property. To make things worse, a "council" dominated by these Islamists was convened, in the presence of and approval of the area's chief of the police. This "council" decided to evict eight families from the village. The families' property will be liquidated by the "council." When the Coptic families objected to such a decision, they were told that were "free to stay at their own risk." They have since escaped, while the remaining families live in absolute horror.

 For Immediate Release

29 December 2011


Three Egyptian soldiers are to stand trial for the manslaughter of 14 of the 27 civilians who died during the violence of 9 October, when the Egyptian military attacked a peaceful civil rights demonstration made up largely of members of the Coptic community in Maspero, Cairo.

The trial of the three soldiers, who are accused of running over 14 demonstrators using Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), will begin on 8 January. The decision to charge them with manslaughter and not murder, despite video footage depicting APC’s being driven into crowds as gunners fired at the unarmed civilians, has been met with anger by human rights activists and members of the Coptic community.



بيان أتحاد المنظمات القبطية بأوروبا بشان

الانتخابات المصرية والمصيرية

زيورخ فى 1/12/2011

تعد المشاركة غير المسبوقة للشعب المصرى الأصيل والتي أبهرت العالم، في أول انتخابات حقيقة بعد ثورة 25 يناير 2011، والتى حفلت بالعديد من التجاوزات المؤسفة التي تتناقض مع الممارسات الديمقراطية فى الدول المتحضرة، والتي ألقت بدورها بظلال قاتمة من الشكوك علي العملية الأنتخابية برمتها وهي :

أولا : استغلال الدين فى السياسة وهو ماتعهد المجلس العسكرى الحاكم ووفقا للأعلان الدستوري وقوانين الاحزاب المعلنة انه لايسمح بأستغلال الشعارات الدينية فى الأنتخابات مثل الورقة الدوارة ومن يحب الأسلام ينتخب حزب ال....... والدعاية العلنية داخل وخارج اللجان دون محاسبة وأستخدام سلاح المنقبات وعدم كشف الشخصية وعدم خلع قفازات اليد مما اعطي الفرصة لكثير من المغالطات .


October 11, 2011

USCIRF Condemns Egypt’s Violence and Urges Prompt, Impartial Investigation

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to deadly violence in Egypt on Sunday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) calls for a thorough, impartial, and independent investigation to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice in civilian courts and that Egyptian military forces are held accountable for reportedly using excessive force.  USCIRF also calls for a portion of U.S. aid to be allocated to the Egyptian government to provide heightened security for religious minority communities.

 “USCIRF condemns in the strongest possible terms violence that targeted peaceful protestors, primarily Coptic Orthodox Christians and those Muslims who joined the demonstrations.  We offer our heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families,” said USCIRF chair Leonard Leo.


نداء هام من اتحاد المنظمات القبطية باوروبا إلى المجلس العسكري

يطالب اتحاد المنظمات القبطية بأوروبا المجلس العسكري بحتمية اتخاذ قرار إطلاق سراح المدون مايكل نبيل وإسقاط التهم الموجهة إليه كاملة استناداً إلى قاعدة المساواة والعدل في المعاملة مع جميع أطياف الشعب أسوة بتعامل المجلس العسكري مع قضية الناشطة أسماء محفوظ، والناشط لؤي نجاتي اللذان كانت لهم تهم أكثر شدة، وإظهاراً لعدل المجلس العسكري لكل المصريين ومسؤوليته الكاملة أمام الله والشعب عن إرساء قواعد العدل والمساواة بين الجميع أمام القانون وترسيخ مبادئ الدولية المدنية، وإيماناً منا بالتغيير الذي أحدثته ثورة 25 يناير خاصة في حرية الرأي والتعبير مما نتج عنه استغلال الجماعات المتطرفة للموقف التي هدمت ونهبت وحرقت وحاولت السطو على الثورة وآمال مصر والمصريين ولم يدن أحد.. فرفع علم بلد آخر لا يعد بمثابة سب في المؤسسة العسكرية فحسب بل يصل إلى تهمة الخيانة العظمى وهي تهمة أكثر تجريماً عن التهمة الموجهة لمايكل نبيل سند.


Egypt: USCIRF Concerned about Acquittals in Sectarian Killings Case

February 22, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is concerned with the acquittals of two of the three men charged with killing six Coptic Orthodox Christians and one Muslim security guard in the town of Naga Hammadi, Egypt, in January 2010.

“It took over a year, and the Egyptian state security court committed serious breaches of due process and fairness in the case of the killings of six Christians and one Muslim in Naga Hammadi,” said Leonard Leo, USCIRF chair. “A new Egyptian government must, in the regular criminal courts, prosecute perpetrators for sectarian killings in the country, and the government should complete a thorough investigation and vigorously prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the New Year’s Eve bombing in Alexandria that took the lives of at least 23 and injured nearly 100.  Incomplete justice does very little to address the perpetual cycle of violence targeting religious minorities that has remained unchecked by the government in Egypt.”


زيورخ فى 19/8/2011

بيان بشان الحراك السياسي بمصر

يعلن أتحاد المنظمات القبطية الأوربية ( أيكور) أنطلاقا من مبادئة وأيمانا منة بطهارة تلك المبادئ والتى من أهمها

أولا : العمل علي أقامة الدولة المدنية التي تؤسس علي الحرية والعدالة والمساواة من خلال نظام ديموقراطي يكون الشعب فية :

مصدر السلطات ويسمح بتداول الحكم والمحاسبة من خلال نظم تتميز بالشفافية اولا :

ثانيا : فصل الدين عن الدولة حفاظا علي كرامة الدين وما يمثله من مكانة سامية في ضمير و وجدان الشعب المصري بثوابتة بعكس الأمور السياسية التي في تغيير وتحول مستمر بتغيير الظروف والمعطيات الدولية

ثالثا : التعاون مع كل القوي السياسية الشريفة المشاركة في أثراء الحياة السياسية في مصر المتوافقة مع تلك المبادئ وأن مصر لكل المصريين بدون تمييز بسبب اللون او الجنس أو الدين ولكل المبادئ التي قامت عليها ثورة التحرير

Press release 

Al Kalema center for human rights condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric attacks that were carried out by the Egyptian army against Anba Beshouy monastery located in Natron Valley.

An Egyptian army consist of 7 armors personnel carriers accompanied by military police vehicles along with no less than 100 heavily armed soldiers raided the monastery in the morning of Feb. 23/2011 and committed the following:

1-    Demolish a small fence that was built to protect the monastery following the withdrawal of Egyptian police that was protecting the monastery , that fence was built based on an advice from the fleeing Egyptian police force and was built on a desert piece of land that the monastery have request to buy from the government.


بيان بشان وثيقة المبادىء الدستوريةاطلع اتحاد المنظمات القبطية باوربا عل الوثيقة الأساسية للمبادئ الدستورية التى أعدها الدكتور على السلمى، نائب رئيس الوزراء  وعلى الرغم مما يشوبها من بعض البنود التى نتحفظ عليها الا اننا مع ذلك نرحب بها فى مجملها املين فى اعادة النظر فى البنود التى تتعلق بدين الدولة وبان الشريعة الاسلامية المصدر الرئيس للشريع لاعتبارات سبق ان اوضحناها فى بيانات سابقة قبل ذلك  لان الدول الراسخة فى العملية الديقراطية لا تتبنى عقيدة بعينها لان الدول كيان اعتبارى يرعى جميع المعتقدات دون ان يتبنى ايا منها.لكن تقديرا منا لما تمر به البلاد من ظروف حرجة تقتضى الاتحاد والتعاون وليس الفرقة والتناحر وتقديرا منا لتصريحات السيد الفريق سامى عنان رئيس اركان القوات المسلحة التى شدد فيها على ان مدنية الدولة فان اتحاد المنظمات يعضد ويعزز هذه الوثيقة متمنيا لمصر الغالية الاستقرار والتقدم ويضع اتحاد المنظمات القبطية  نفسة تحت تصرف كل الذين يعملون لاجل هذه المبادىء لاجل دولة مصر المدنية مصر المستقبل مصر الامل . مدحت قلادة                                                                جمال بطرسرئيس اتحاد المنظمات القبطية باوربا                              المنسق العام للاتحاد مجدى يوسف                                                          حسنى بباوى                                                                                      مسئول اللجنة السياسي                                         مسئول اللجنة السياسية  زيورخ فى 19/8/2011

Official Press Release of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom

regarding the New Year's Eve at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in Alexandria

We are deeply saddened and disturbed that once again, days of joy and celebration have been turned into a time of mourning and weeping. Our immediate thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by the bombing at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in Alexandria: those who have lost their lives, their families, those who were injured, members of that parish, Christian communities in general, and Christians throughout the land of Egypt.

This was a time when Christians went as families to pray in the safety of the house of God. Men, women, children and the elderly gathered together in prayer for a happy and peaceful new year. Instead, they became the innocent victims of a most horrific, callus and cowardly act of terror and violence.


بيان بشان وثيقة المبادىء الدستورية

اطلع اتحاد المنظمات القبطية باوربا عل الوثيقة الأساسية للمبادئ الدستورية التى أعدها الدكتور على السلمى، نائب رئيس الوزراء  وعلى الرغم مما يشوبها من بعض البنود التى نتحفظ عليها الا اننا مع ذلك نرحب بها فى مجملها املين فى اعادة النظر فى البنود التى تتعلق بدين الدولة وبان الشريعة الاسلامية المصدر الرئيسى للتشريع لاعتبارات سبق ان اوضحناها فى بيانات سابقة قبل ذلك  لان الدول الراسخة فى العملية الديقراطية لا تتبنى عقيدة بعينها لان الدول كيان اعتبارى يرعى جميع المعتقدات دون ان يتبنى ايا منها.

لكن تقديرا منا لما تمر به البلاد من ظروف حرجة تقتضى الاتحاد والتعاون وليس الفرقة والتناحر وتقديرا منا لتصريحات السيد الفريق سامى عنان رئيس اركان القوات المسلحة التى شدد فيها على ان مدنية الدولة فان اتحاد المنظمات يعضد ويعزز هذه الوثيقة متمنيا لمصر الغالية الاستقرار والتقدم ويضع اتحاد المنظمات القبطية  نفسة تحت تصرف كل الذين يعملون لاجل هذه المبادىء لاجل دولة مصر المدنية مصر المستقبل مصر الامل . 

مدحت قلادة                                                                جمال بطرس

رئيس اتحاد المنظمات القبطية باوربا                              المنسق العام للاتحاد 

مجدى يوسف  مسئول اللجنة السياسية                    حسنى بباوى مسئول اللجنة السياسية

زيورخ فى 19/8/2011

Press Release

 For Immediate release 

4th December 2010 

The Egyptian police fire live ammunition on peaceful demonstration killing three so far. 

On the 24th November 2010 in Al-Omraneya near Cairo where there is a high concentration of Christian population, for the last 10 years the Christian residents there have been trying to obtain a license to build a church but without success. To get around the obstacle of building a church, they obtained permission to build a four-storey building with the intention of using part of it to gather for prayers. The council’s Health and Safety department advised them to add to the original plan an escape stairwell, which they did.  

The building was almost complete when an inspection by another department from the council found the new stairwell and domes added to the original plan which they said was in breach of the original license.  

A meeting was conducted with the Governor who- in an act of deception- advised the Christians that he was happy with the current building and would approve it. It was the night of that same day in which the Christians found that the building was surrounded by thousands of policemen and saw demolition equipment on standby near the building. Seeing that months of their hard work was about to be demolished, they gathered inside the building to stop the demolition.

The Police fired at them tear gas, plastic bullets and live ammunition. So far the killed are three and the injured are 67 the number of arrested so far is 159.  

The United Copts of Great Britain is dismayed at the extreme brutality against a peaceful demonstration asking to build a church in a district which has found extreme difficulty in obtaining a building permission.


United Copts GB condemns the Egyptian government in flaming sectarianism, and the radicalization of the mobs by the official state media over the past three decades and also condemns the bias in dealing with atrocities committed by Muslim fundamentalists against peaceful Christians over the past 3 decades and the un-necessary delay in producing a Unified  Law for the Building of Places of Worship.

United Copts GB demands the immediate release of the arrsted Copt, a full inquiry into the firing of live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators and demand that the officer who gave the order to fire live ammunition to be tried in a court of law.

Contact:  +44(0)7976710729

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PO BOX 3496


ST116 9PT


 Baroness Caroline Cox statement to the 2 May Demo

May 20th 2011

Dear Friends,We are here today, as non-Egyptians - but as friends of Egyptian people and of the Coptic Church to join with you in sympathy for the suffering of your people and solidarity in your pleas for justice.We rejoiced at the determined yet dignified manner in which the Egyptian people asserted their right to enjoy fundamental freedoms.


For Immediate Release

 26 November 2010


Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has received updated information that hundreds of Copts were involved in Wednesday’s protest in Cairo’s Giza governorate, in which one man was killed and at least 60 were injured during clashes with an estimated 5,000 riot police. CSW initially reported that 150 Copts were involved.

In a comment to CSW, His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church UK said, “We completely reject the use of violence. This is not in the nature of Coptic Christians. However, we believe the demonstration could have been policed in a much better manner and that the mishandling of the demonstration by the police force caused it to spiral out of control”.


USCIRF Calls for Justice after Deadly Religious Violence in Egypt  

May 10, 2011


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to deadly religious violence in Egypt over the weekend, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is calling on the Egyptian government to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the perpetrators of the violence are brought to justice in civilian, not military, courts, something that has been elusive in Egypt in previous attacks on religious minorities which continues to foster an atmosphere of impunity.    
At least 12 Christians and Muslims were killed and more than 200 people were wounded as Islamist extremists attacked Christians at the St. Mina Church in the Imbaba district of Cairo.  Another church, the Church of the Virgin Mary, was burned to the ground by extremists and several Christian-owned shops were vandalized and looted.


11/18/2010: Egypt: USCIRF Concerned

about Uptick of Incitement in Media and Mosques


November 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) expressed concern today that incitement to violence in Egyptian media and government-funded mosques is contributing to increasing sectarian tensions between Muslims and Christians in advance of parliamentary elections scheduled for later this month.


For Immediate Release

11 April 2011


Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is deeply concerned by an apparent slide towards repression in Egypt, following earlier democratic gains. Of particular concern are recent repressive actions by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and an upsurge in attacks by the Salafist movement against the country’s religious minorities.

The violent government crackdown in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday 9 April, during which at least one protestor died and around 70 were injured, is the latest indication of a worrying trend that local observers have termed “counter-revolutionary”.

Press release

Alkalema Organization for Human Rights, Egypt, condemns, without any conservation, the brutal criminal attack that targeted,” the lady savior”, in el-Karrada district, Baghdad, Iraq, causing the death of 58 and injured and wounded were more than 75 Christians. This attack was executed by al-Qaeida branch in Iraq that includes Egyptians members. The terrorist sinful group justified the attack as a response to what is so called the detention of the Muslim sisters in the churches and the monasteries of Egypt.

Union of Coptic European Organizations for Human Rights UCEOHR

Union d’Organisations Coptes Européennes pour

les Droits de l’Homme Zurich 29th March 2011

Press Release
Following a field visit to Egypt

A visit to Egypt by few members of the Union of Coptic Associations in Europe and the U.S. A.

took place in order to help the country through the critical and sensitive transition period of its history in view of achieving justice. We encouraged community organizations and international development institutions, to act in Egypt and help to overcome its economic crisis.

We were welcomed by Prime Minister Mr. Essam Sharaf, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Yehia El Gamal, Minister of Foreign Affairs General Essaoui and Mr. Sheriff Doss Coordinator of the General Association of the Copts. We appreciated the spirit of conviviality and cooperation of those officials who declared the end of a period of history since President Sadat in 1971 with its misleading media carrying swords to cut the Egyptian tissue,
its national treasure.

PR Newswire: news distribution, targeting and monitoring 

Alarming Campaign of Incitement Against the Copts in Egypt

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Coptic Solidarity warned today that the recent campaign of intimidation and incitements targeting the Copts in Egypt is on the rise.

The Copts are the indigenous Christian Egyptians. They amount to 12-15% of Egypt's population, or about ten million people.

Above and beyond the never-ending and routine scenario of violence, discrimination, alienation, and persecution the Copts have endured, there has been an alarming upsurge of significant anti-Coptic activities over the recent weeks:



Press Release


Deliberate killings of Christians in Egypt must be stopped. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, and Mario Mauro MEP

DAUL, JosephMAURO, Mario

"The EPP Group is shocked and appalled at the news of the killing of several Christians today who were protesting against the burning down of a church. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of the more than 10 people who have lost their lives today in the tragic clashes", said Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group and Mario Mauro MEP in a joint statement on Wednesday evening.


USCIRF to Egypt: Bring Sectarian Killers to Justice

September 17,  2010

WASHINGTON DC - The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) called on the Egyptian government to ensure the resumption tomorrow of the trial of the men charged with seven murders in the small town of Naga Hammadi in southern Egypt.  Court proceedings have been postponed numerous times since February.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.  Is it possible for Coptic Orthodox Christians to get justice in the Egyptian court system?” asked Leonard Leo, USCIRF chair. “USCIRF was encouraged by Egypt’s initial decision to bring the Naga Hammadi case to trial quickly, but now, eight months later, there have been no convictions and there is no end in sight.  Unfortunately, this only encourages further violence and is reminiscent of so many past trials where justice was never served.”

بيان بشأن قرية نزلة البدرمان
مركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان

يتعرض أهالى نزلة بدرمان مركز دير مواس محافظة المنيا كل لحظة للقتل والبلطجة على يد بلطجية تقوم بحمايتهم عائلات مشهور عنه سوء السمعة وفرض الاتاوة وقد عادت الجزية للقرية بشكل رسمى بعد أن قامت عائلة على حسين بفرض إتاوات على العائلات المسيحية وقامت أيضا بإحتلال البيوت التى تم تهجيرها من أصحابها قسرا بعد عجزهم عن دفع هذه الجزية اوقد وصلت عده شكاوىعديدة لمركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان تؤكد  أن الأهالى يعيشون فى رعب شديد خاصة بعد الغياب الأمنى منذ يوم 28 يناير الماضى حيث يتعرض العديد من الأهالى للترويع والتهديد بالقتل من قبل عائلة حسين على المشهور عنه  خطورته الاجرامية وفرض الأتاوات على الاقباط  كما تعرضت اسرة للتهجير القسرى وطردها من منزلها والاستيلاء على  المنزل بكل محتوياته من اثاث وملابس ومواشى ورغم تقدم اهالى القرية من الاقباط ببلاغات للجهات الامنية يوم 24 فبراير الجارى الا انها لم تلقى اى استجابه واحالوهم الى القوات المسلحة والتى لم تتدخل ايضا لحمايتهم وحماية ممتلكاتهم التى تتعرض للتخريب والنهب حتى الان ولا يزال الوضع متأزما للغاية
ممدوح نخلة
رئيس مجلس الامناء 


Egypt: Violence Against Copts Goes Unprosecuted


March 12, 2010

Washington D.C.-The acquittal of four Muslim men for the murder of a Coptic Christian man in the Upper Egypt town of Dairout is the latest example in a growing pattern of instances where individuals have not been brought to justice after committing violent acts against Christians and their property, said the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

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