Only Way to Defeat ISIS Is With Help From Non-Radical Muslims in Middle East, Says Head of Aid to the Church in Need

By Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter

ISIS, Syria
(Photo: REUTERS/Ali Sahin)

Smoke rises in the Syrian town of Kobani as it is seen from the Turkish border town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, June 25, 2015. Islamic State fighters launched simultaneous attacks against the Syrian government and Kurdish militia overnight, moving back onto the offensive after losing ground in recent days to Kurdish-led forces near the capital of their "caliphate." After recent losses to the Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led air strikes, Islamic State sought to retake the initiative with attacks on the Kurdish-held town of Kobani at the Turkish border and government-held areas of Hasaka city in the northeast.

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The Silent Majority Should Stand Up to Welcome Those Fleeing Persecution

"The way stateless Jews from Germany are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage . . .", ran The Daily Mail in 1938.

"Marauding" migrants threaten our standard of living, proclaimed Philip Hammond in 2015.

Note the similarities. The myth of Britain as a benevolent nation which has always welcomed those fleeing persecution is simply not true. Anti-migrant hysteria plagued our shores in the 1930s as much as it does today.

Yarl's Wood is all too reminiscent of the internment camps which housed Jews, Nazi sympathisers and other aliens 70 years ago.

From France’s Robespierre to ISIS’ Baghdadi

There are signs that the UK is about to change its policy toward terrorism. For the past few years, the British government took the position of combating terrorism while leaving aside the ideologies behind it, ignoring the warnings of policy experts about the dangers of such a strategy. However, Prime Minister David Cameron is now looking at the ideological aspect as well. Hopefully, other European governments will do the same.

If we want to confront radical Islamist ideologies we should imagine ourselves confronting Jacobins. It is easier for us to imagine and understand Maximilien Robespierre than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It also helps us focus on the ideology rather than the religious language that coats it. A Muslim terrorist is best imagined as a Jacobin who happens to be a Muslim, and Baghdadi is bestunderstood as Robespierre in a turban.

Arab Bill Gates Could Turn 'Shariah Creep' Into Full Trot


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a Saudi business magnate and investor, is ranked as the 34th richest man in the world.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a Saudi business magnate and investor, is ranked as the 34th richest man in the world.

Islamofascism:Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a senior member of the Saudi monarchy, says he'll pledge his $32 billion fortune to charity. In light of his past donations, this is a highly concerning development.

Alwaleed says he will model his endowment on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, only with a twist: Much of his philanthropic work will help "foster cultural understanding" of Islam in America and the West.

That means promoting the kingdom's brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam.

Glory Heavyweights of the Middle East

By, Rev. Jim Croft

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 speaks of how the momentary afflictions of this life have the capacity to bestow believers with the most coveted honor that can be earned.  It is the eternal weight of glory that exceeds the highest honors and accomplishments available on earth.  However, earning this reward has an inescapable qualification. 

While experiencing any form of affliction, particularly that which is faith related; we must focus our attention on the eternal realm rather than the temporal realm that generates suffering.  This means that inclinations to murmur to the Lord about the unfairness of situations are overridden by decisions to count it all joy when we encounter diverse trials of life. 


by Arnold Ahlert


President Obama's ongoing antipathy towards Egypt is no accident. Our feckless president has long had a soft spot in his heart for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and Egypt's removal of the terror group from the corridors of power has rankled the administration. So what is it the Egyptians understand and our president denies? The Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments insists that ISIS was birthed[1] by the MB.

Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa and other Egyptian scholars have explained that while ISIS is publicly hostile to the MB, they share identical goals. Last August, the Ministry illuminated those goals. "They are both waging a war against their homelands with vandalism, destruction and murder—murder on behalf of the enemies of the state who fund them," read a published statement. Other similarities include the exploitation of women to further their agenda, and the reality that both groups use "lying and deception in the name of religion," and both have "ignorant and lying" leaders who "use religion to play with the minds of the public," the statement explained. "The main commonality between the two groups is their terrorist acts," it added.

ANALYSIS: 'Brotherhood’s call for retribution is religious violence’

byJayson Casper- 5th June 2015

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud, signatory of 'Egypt Call'. Photo: via MEMO


A LEADING American academic has denounced the latest Muslim declaration against elected Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as a call for ‘religious violence’.

Samuel Tadros of Hudson Institute in Washington DC told Lapido that ‘Egypt Call’, a 13-point document published last week by 159 Muslim scholars from 35 nations, andendorsedby the Brotherhood, provided ‘Islamic justification’ for the fight against Sisi.

“Reconciliation Session” in Egypt in the 21 Century is a Slap on the Face of Common Law and Justice System

In the latest episode of the notorious “Reconciliation Session” held between Muslims and Christians in Kafr Darwish, El-Fashn district, Beni-Swif Governorate, Egypt, 2 days ago [“Reconciliation Session” which was an idea created during Mubarak era to humiliate, disenfranchise, and target Christians in Egypt for a state of impoverishment and destitution after FALSELY accuse Copts of being offensive or derogatory to the Islamic religion] a young man named Ayman Yousef Tawfiq who is working in Jordan, judged by the “Reconciliation Session” of “liking” an offensive image of the Prophet of Islam on Facebook.

Ayman has denied links to the image, or even that he knows how to use Facebook.

It is known that Ayman is illiterate, does not know how to read and write, and depends on his colleagues in the use of Facebook.

Egypt's Sisi wants to defeat radical Islam. When will Obama, US support him?

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi continues to reach out to America for help in rallying the forces of good against a rising tide of evil—the ever-spreading virus of militant Islam.

And so far we are still snubbing him.

As I have written before in this space, Sisi appears to be a surprising successor to the heroic British leader who first rallied his own people, then appealed to the New World to join not only his, but humanity’s, cause against the Nazi menace—which is in many ways similar to the Islamist one today.

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AP Photo
AP Photo

byROBERT DAVI10 Mar 20150


Could Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi be the Ronald Reagan of the Middle East?

This is one of the most important questions that the Western world, excuse me, the world, should be asking itself.

I have mentioned el-Sisi before, on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show more than six months ago, right here in a few of my past articles and even in a major newspaper column. But I bet most people don’t know about him.

How interesting that while the world is looking to America for leadership, moral clarity and a solution to the hijacking of a major religion whose by product is radical Islam we finally see a possible solution from the region itself.

The Egyptian president could someday go down in history as a leader whose courage help lift the Middle East out of the Middle Ages.

More than Just Words

Besides his historic New Year’s Day speech at a Coptic Christian Church, being the first Middle Eastern leader who has ever attended a midnight mass, the sweeping economic changes he has made in his country, having a multitude of Mosques closed and calling for the suspension of extremist Islamic education, he is not afraid to admit that there is not a religion but a thinking that has hijacked a religion.

He has clearly defined what our president has not nor has the will to do. Notice that the recent conference that President Obama had did not have el -Sisi in attendance.

The US and Europe fail to summon the courage to criticize Saudi Arabia or toxic Wahhabism

Azeem Ibrahim

Ideology of blood and gore: Islamic State terrorists in Libya prepare to behead Coptic Christian civilians by the Mediterranean (top); the founder of the extremist sect, Muhammad Ibn Wahab

CHICAGO: The West declared a war on terror more than a decade ago. Yet in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, the subsequent wave of police interventions in Europe, many feel less secure. Even generally peaceful, cohesive nations of Canada and Australia have seen gruesome attacks in recent months.



Can Catholics recognise the 21 murdered Coptic Christians as martyrs?

An icon of the 21 Coptic martyrs of Libya by artist Tony Rezk

The 21 Coptic Martyrs are role models for all Christians and a Catholic heart wants to honour them as such

The murder of the 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by ISIS has raised the issue for Catholics as to whether we can acknowledge them as martyrs as the Copts have done. The SSPX and the Josias blog, for instance, contend that the Copts are heretics and schismatics. The Josias asks if a Copt being murdered by a militant anti-Christian “for his Christian profession, would… suddenly… [be] a good Christian? Would it gain him entry into heaven and blot out his sins?”



How the Muslim Brotherhood fits into a network of extremism

The Muslim Brotherhood’s objective is to replace secular democratic government with an Islamic caliphate under sharia law

Essam Mustafa, from Interpal, with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh
Essam Mustafa, from Interpal, with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh  

The Government is preparing a major clampdown on organisations linked to the terror group Hamas after the long-awaited publication of its review into the Muslim Brotherhood.

The review, by the former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir John Jenkins, has been delayed for months amid disputes about how strongly it should say the Brotherhood is linked to terrorism.

Fox News - Fair & Balanced


General Keane: Radical Islam Has Morphed Into A Global Jihad Movement.


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The former vice chief of staff of the Army, General Jack Keane, warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that al-Qaeda has “grown fourfold in the last five years.”  General Keane refereed to the terrorist threat as “radical Islam”, something the Obama administration refuses to do.

General Jack Keane told Gibson that President Obama can be forgiven for not using the term “radical Islam” if he had a clear cut strategy to defeat the terrorists, adding, that using drones to kill terrorists is not a strategy, it’s a tactic. Keane goes on to say that we have a fragmented, selective approach to deal with a problem that is global in nature

Saudi Arabia’s New King Helped Fund Radical Terrorist Groups

Monarch tied to anti-Semitic Muslim clerics, funding of jihad

BY: Adam Kredo

King Salman, Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned monarch, has a controversial history of helping to fund radical terror groups and has maintained ties with several anti-Semitic Muslim clerics known for advocating radical positions, according to reports and regional experts.

Salman, previously the country’s defense minister and deputy prime minister, was crowned king last week after his half-brother King Abdullah died at the age of 90.

Calling Radical Islam What It Is

Abraham H. Foxman Headshot


National Director, Anti-Defamation League

   If we want to win the war against radical Islam -- and in my view it should be the number one priority of the Western and Muslim worlds -- we need to call it what it is. Too often, out of a misplaced sense of political correctness, political leaders, including President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande, avoid identifying the extremists as proponents of a radical Islamic ideology.

The solution to the threat lies primarily within the Muslim world itself. Mainstream Muslims must on every level, starting with education, discourage young people from taking the extremist path. But if we in the West are reluctant to explicitly say what it is, why should Muslim moderates speak and act?

Levin: Egyptian President ‘Made More Sense in One Speech Than Obama Has in Any Speech
Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levincalled out the Obama Administration for treating Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi so poorly, a man who saved his country from Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood whom Obama backed.“He (President Abdel el-Sisi) gave aremarkable speechthe other day,” said Levin. According to Levin, during that speech, the Egyptian President said, in part:
“He said Islam needs a religious revolution. He said, ‘I’m referring here, to the religious clerics.’ We have to think hard about what we are facing, and I have, in fact, addressed this topic a couple of times before. ‘It’s inconceivable,’ said Sisi, ‘that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world.’“‘Impossible!’ he says.


Radical Islam a growing threat to sub-Saharan Christians: report

By Tom Heneghan 

Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front carry their weapons as they move towards their positions near al-Zahra village, north of Aleppo city, November 25, 2014. REUTERS/Hosam Katan

Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front carry their weapons as they move towards their positions near al-Zahra village, north of Aleppo city, November 25, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Hosam Katan

PARIS (Reuters) - Radical Islamists were the main persecutors of Christians around the world last year, not only in the Middle East but increasingly in sub-Saharan Africa, according to an annual survey monitoring religious freedom.

Open Doors, an international group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, said on Wednesday Islamic militants posed the greatest threat to the faith in 18 of the 20 countries that its annual World Watch List says are toughest for Christians.

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The Churches Burned After Egypt's Coup Last Year Are Still in Ruins

Laura Dean

It's early, just before 7 a.m. Elderly ladies with elegantly coiffed hair shuffle toward the Amir Tadros church. The towers are ringed with scaffolding, and a makeshift fence of wooden boards seals off the church entrance except when it's prayer time. On one side there's a yawning hole in the ground where the foundation is being rebuilt.

Exactly 16 months ago here, as news flowed in of the bloody dispersal of sit-ins in Cairo that left more than 800 supporters of ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi dead, angry mobs in this Upper Egyptian city took to the street and attacked churches, shops and other Christian-run establishments.

The Tablet 
Freedom of religion 'priority' for UK Government

Safeguarding freedom of religion or belief is "a top human rights priority" for the British Government, Foreign Office Minister Baroness Anelay of St Johns said. 

She was in the Vatican on Wednesday to mark the centenary of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the Holy See.

Baroness Anelay

Interviewed on Vatican Radio, she recalled her speech at the launch of a report by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need into religious persecution around the world. One of a number of speakers at last month's launch, she said that global religious freedom was “in a period of serious decline” and acknowledged a “very real danger that Christianity may become extinct” in the Middle East due to persecution.

The Times and Democrat

Pulling up roots of radical Islam

Eugene Robinson’s recent “Our challenge with Islam” is the epitome of why we cannot seem to defeat what is the clearest threat to our national survival since the Cold War: the ideology of radical Islam. Robinson starts with his “pie in the sky” prescription to ending the barbarism to which we have all grown accustomed over the past 13 years, most recently in Iraq and Syria under ISIS.

According to Robinson, “Finding ways for fundamentalist Islam to express itself peacefully is a bigger, tougher and more important project (than defeating ISIS).” He goes on further to praise the potential of the Muslim Brotherhood, the head of the snake for the radicalism we see throughout the Middle East. He claims that “Mohamed Morsi had the chance to show the world that a government led by an Islamist party could be fair, tolerant and effective. The United States and its allies had the chance to help Morsi succeed. He failed, and so did we.”


ISIS that is among us


Medhat Klada

They call themselves “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” On the other hand, clerics prefer to call them “Da’ish,” while the Western world and international press call them “ISIS,” which is the initials of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


They are a group of barbaric ferocious people who have submitted themselves to a terrorist religious ideology. They rejoice over slaughtering people and cheer when they see their victims bleed to death. They believe they are the followers of God, while in fact they are the followers of the most violent demons. They have the features of human beings and the souls of devils. They slaughter people while they chant “Allah is the greatest” and kill their victims in the name of religion. Ironically they think that they are the soldiers of God, while their deeds prove that they are the soldiers of the ruthless Satan. They believe that they are righteous, while their acts reflect who they really are. They rape women and girls in the name of God! They brutally assault girls who are still virgins as long as they are Shiites, Yazidis or Christians. They are doing all these things as if it were a rehearsal for how they will behave in their promised paradise

A Call to the Free World: BAN POLITICAL ISLAM…

By Mounir Bishay


      This article is not about Islam as a religion or most of the world’s Muslims.  It is about combating an extreme version of Islam that is defined as Political Islam that claims to be the only true representation of the religion of Islam.

     Political Islam and its hateful tentacles are as dangerous for the welfare of American Muslims as it is for non-Muslim citizens. Most global Muslim populations reject Political Islam as they are more apt to be victimized by its irrational fanaticisms than are non-Muslims.

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Ottawa terrorist attack rattled markets but galvanized the nation

Apart from denouncing Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the convert to radical Islam who shot the unarmed Cpl. Cirillo, you had to take comfort that the assassin’s cause ...

Apart from denouncing Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the convert to radical Islam who shot the unarmed Cpl. Cirillo, you had to take comfort that the assassin’s cause suffered a richly deserved humiliation

Shamefully, minutes after my initial widely shared anger and personal red alert about the shooting at Ottawa’s National War Memorial of the young soldier later identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the crass thought stole into my mind: what will this do to the markets?

Well, they went down, of course. And within days they shot up – ironically because Japan, our Asian enemy of the Second World War, let loose domestic economic forces long frustrated in that paradoxically wealthy but economically stagnant nation. World markets soared, the Canadian dollar sagged, and likely no one had a better or worse breakfast for it.

Radical Islam and its Invisible Victims





The black flag: Middle-Eastern minorities are facing genocide (illustration by Michael Daley)

How we read the news is important. As far as the Middle East is concerned, the news is often slanted towards Western interests, whether commercial, military or security-related. It is not, of course, wrong to report and to interpret events in this way but, in doing so, we can miss something crucial that is going on in a nation or a region. It is even possible to say that what is missed could become crucial to international security or trade. That is not my primary concern here which is, rather, to ask what the events mean for the people living in these parts of the world, especially the minorities and the disadvantaged. That is to say, the "invisible" people.

The ugly attractions of ISIS’ ideology

By Amir Taheri

The ugly attractions of ISIS’ ideology 

Islamic State flag flies near the Syrian town of Kobani.Photo: Getty Images

“Pure Mohammadan Islam”: This is what ISIS, Daesh in Arabic, promises to deliver once the caliphate has defeated “Infidel” enemies and secured its position. The promise is at the core of its propaganda, including in cyberspace.

Its recent blitzkrieg victories and high-profile beheadings are not the only reason ISIS has attracted universal attention. Perhaps more interesting is Daesh’s ability to seduce large numbers of Muslims across the globe, including in Europe and the United States.

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Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund

Last month I was in Damascus. I had the great privilege of meeting Dr Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, the Grand Mufti ofSyria. He is a man of peace who pleads repeatedly for equal and harmonious relations between Muslims, Christians and followers of all religions as members of one human family. Because of this stance, he has endured great abuse and criticism from some of his fellow Muslims and was targeted for assassination by the Saudis. Knowing that he would have good security and protection, the group of Islamist hit-men were instructed that, if they could not kill the Grand Mufti himself, they should kill one of his sons instead. In due course they murdered his teenage son. After some months, two of the perpetrators were caught and imprisoned. The Grand Mufti asked to see them and they were brought to him blindfolded. He instructed their blindfolds to be removed, and the two young men, discovering themselves face to face with the head of Sunni Islam in Syria and the father of their victim, shook with fear. But, to their astonishment, the Grand Mufti gently reached out his hands to them and told them not to be afraid. He said that he did not want their mothers to weep as his own bereaved wife had wept for her son, and therefore he forgave them.

Dr Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria
Dr Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria

Last week I was in northern Iraq and came face to face with the stark reality of another face of Islam, that of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, now calling itself simply the Islamic State). The sheer brutality of this face of Islam cannot be comprehended. It kills men, women and children, the elderly, the poor and the weak. It cuts in half little children and commits acts of ethnic cleansing that border on genocide. This behaviour is pure barbarism reminiscent of the early Assyrians and later Babylonians who once inhabited this region and were known for their immense cruelty.

Christian Daily 

Journalist Speaks Out Against Media Silence on Christian Persecution

A Christian woman who fled Iraq in June pictured above.

Notable American journalist Georgie Anne Geyer has condemned media reports that have left out the persecution of Christians in stories that have made major headlines, including news on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Ebola.

Geyer noted in an editorial piece published in The Columbus Dispatch that the two biggest news stories in the past months have both involved the plight of Christians.




The barbaric murder of American journalist James Foley by the radical Islamic caliphate Islamic State this week is a prime example of how President Obama just does not understand the world in which we live. 

Back in January, President Obama spoke of Islamic State to the New Yorker

The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant. I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.

Islamism in Egypt – untangling the confusion

Since the assassination of the Egyptian Prime Minister in 1945 and 1948, and dozens of other subsequent assassinations – most notably the assassination of President Sadat on October 6th 1981 and the assassinations perpetrated by the Brotherhood today in Egypt – their own history and the unfolding facts on the ground demonstrate that the Muslim Brotherhood have not forsaken violence and murder but rather have bequeathed this to the currents that are spawned from them.

by Tarek Heggy

There continues to be confusion about the events of June 30th 2013, when three million Egyptians spilled onto the squares and streets of Egyptian cities demanding the removal of President Morsi. Media commentary has tended to focus on matters of legitimacy concerning the latest aspect of the crisis – the cancellation of the results of the ballot box that had taken place 12 months before, and the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood – without at the same time providing a fuller analysis of the events – no less touching on legitimacy – that led up to this momentous occurrence.

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Keep radical Islam out of Canada

FARZANA HASSAN - HASSAN: Keep radical Islam out of Canada

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014.

Credits: REUTERS/Stringer


News from abroad about Islamist expansion makes for sombre reading.

The past weeks have plunged the world into a new wave of depravity, with reports of brutalized women, children buried alive, even severed heads.

But all that is, at least, "over there." What we do not expect is calls for jihad, the creation of caliphates and oppressive sharia regulations in the Greater Toronto Area.

I recently stumbled upon a gathering in the GTA promoting just such a revolution.

A caption announcing "Talk on Gaza and Al-Sham" (Syria) caught my eye.

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5 Key Implications if Baghdad Falls to ISIS

By Patrick Poole

Reports that ISIS has
surrounded Baghdad and is quickly closing in on the Baghdad International Airport (armed with MANPADS, no less) are troubling. Baghdad itself has been rocked by a series of VBIED attacks in the past 24 hours by ISIS, indicating that the battle for Baghdad has begun.

The possible fall of Baghdad could be the most significant development in the War on Terror since 9/11. And yet many among the D.C. foreign policy “smart set” were not long ago
mocking such a scenario.

So what happens if such a situation comes to pass? Here are five key implications (by no means limited to these) if Baghdad falls to ISIS:


Yes, We Are The Noon (N) People  

By Mounir Bishay


Noon is the Arabic letter that represents (n) in English.  It is the first letter in the Arabic word "Nasrani."  This word was used in reference to Christians in the Quran. The letter, “Noon,” was the mark that “ISIS” painted on the homes of the Christians of Mosul, Iraq.  It identified the home and business owners as citizens targeted for expulsion from the city where their Christian ancestors have lived for thousands of years.     

ISIS later renamed itself as the "Islamic State."  It invaded the Christian areas and took control.  Soon after, they attacked the homes of Christians, their churches, and monasteries.  They plundered household valuable and looted and destroyed irreplaceable archaeological treasures. In the end, they issued a statement to the Christians whom they had labeled “Nasrani” that they had only a few hours to make three monumental coerced decisions.


The Muslim nation where ISIS is free to recruit

A Muslim man wears a headband showing ISIS' symbol during a protest calling for the closure of a local prostitution complex in Surabaya Indonesia, June 18, 2014. AP

CIANJUR, Indonesia -- A businessman who proclaims himself leader of the Indonesian chapter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group says he has personally overseen the departure of scores of fighters from this Southeast Asian nation to Syria and Iraq. Police detained him for a night recently, but were unable to charge him with a crime.


تمثيل الكنيسة للأقباط سياسيا لا يخدم الكنيسة أو الأقباط

بقلم منير بشاى

        عاد موضوع تمثيل الكنيسة السياسى للاقباط للاضواء من جديد.  وكان نيافة الانبا يؤنس اسقف الخدمات قد ادلى بتصريح للمهندس عزت بولس، مدير موقع الاقباط متحدون، ضمن حوار بمطار زيورخ، فى 6 يوليو 2014. حيث سأله المهندس عزت "هل الكنيسة ما زالت الممثل السياسى للاقباط؟"  فكان رده "بالطبع الكنيسة هى الممثل السياسى للاقباط وستظل كذلك" ثم اضاف "ولكن نحن فى زمن يمكن لأى فرد ان يتحدث ويتكلم ولا يمكن منع أحدهم من التعبير عن رأيه".

        والغريب ان ياتى هذا التصريح فى وقت كنا نظن ان الموضوع قد تم حسمه وان التوجه العام للكنيسة فى عهد قداسة البابا تواضروس هو الابتعاد بالكنيسة عن معترك السياسة، وهو ما اعلنه قداسته اكثر من مرة.

        هذا الكلام خطير أتمنى ان يكون تعبيرا فقط عن رأى نيافة الانبا يؤنس وليس رأى قيادة الكنيسة كلها.  ووجه الخطورة ان نيافة الاسقف يقدمه كمبدأ عام وليس كحالة طارئة اضطرت الكنيسة معها القيام بهذا الدور فى غياب دور علمانى فعّال.

Egypt, a key to defeating radical Islam

Cairo’s crushing of extremists is a model for snuffing out a spreading threat

Egypt Jackal Defeats Islamic State Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
Egypt Jackal Defeats Islamic State Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times more >
By J.D. Gordon 
At this year’s United Nations General Assembly in New York, it was good to see a focus on stopping the global threat posed by radical Islam. Yet the U.N.’s plan of action isn’t nearly sufficient.

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Summer test for "Islamic State" call to young European radicals-EU official

 * Caliphate declaration may attract radical students on summer break 

* Caliphate, violence in Iraq show need for "immediate action" 

* Nine EU countries agree to measures to counter jihadist risk

    By Steve Scherer and Ilaria Polleschi 

MILAN, July 8 (Reuters) - The long summer break will test the ability of the militant "Islamic State" group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to draw radical Islamist students in Europe to fight in Iraq and Syria, an EU official said in Milan on Tuesday. 


Understanding Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi And The Phenomenon Of The Islamic Caliphate State

By: Y. Carmon, Y. Yehoshua, and A. Leone*


The successive atrocities committed by the Islamic State (IS, previously called the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham – ISIS) have diverted the discussion away from an understanding of this organization's political program, creating the erroneous impression that it is simply a more vicious version of Al-Qaeda. According to this view, this organization presumably intends to attack the West by means of its foreign militants who hold Western passports and could return to Western countries to carry out terror attacks – and hence it is paramount to destroy the IS forthwith. Saudi King 'Abdallah bin 'Abd Al-'Aziz promoted this approach when he said that he was certain that those jihadists "would arrive in Europe within a month and in America within two months".[1] 


Dick Cheney: Obama Refusing to Recognize Global Spread of Radical Islam

By Sandy Fitzgerald

The United States is in "big trouble ahead" because of President Barack Obama's "refusal to recognize reality" and his emphasis on getting the United States to withdraw from the Middle East, according to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

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